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7 Angels MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.1.66R

7 Angels MOD APK is a dating simulation game that helps you date beautiful girls. By downloading this game, you will no longer feel lonely on Valentine’s Day. Do you believe in that?

7 Angels MOD APK b

Referring to the publisher Nutaku, you are probably not too unfamiliar with them vixen wars mod apk usually develops games with simple gameplay, but it includes some 18+ content. Therefore, Nutaku’s games are not too popular and it does not allow players to download if they are under 18 years old. Of course, these games are not available on Google Play. Today, I will introduce you to 7 Angels, a very interesting dating simulation game by Nutaku. Here are the salient features of the game.

Name7 Angels
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 4.1

About 7 Angels

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In this game, you are a normal guy with no superpowers or anything like that. Your life is pretty dull. You want something new to come into your life. One day, the evil god Succubu seduces and curses you. If you don’t date 7 angels, you will be cursed to hell. Try to conquer these girls with your charm and embark on the most exciting erotic adventure on mobile.

Style play

7 Angels has the gameplay of a visual novel game. The screen of the game is like the screen of the phone message. Instead of meeting up, you’ll interact with hot girls by chatting with them via text messages. The game gives you 4 answers with each of the girls’ lines, you need to prove yourself a polite and sophisticated person by choosing a reasonable answer. This is very important. A rude answer can cost you your chance to date them. If you conquer beautiful girls, they will send you their hot pictures. It’s a bonus you shouldn’t miss.

Your every action and answer takes energy. Impressive answers take more energy. You only have a maximum of 150 mana in a chapter, so don’t squander too much. If you pass some match-3 puzzles, you will get energy and some game vixen wars mod apk

Unlock chapters & girls

The game is divided into several chapters. Each chapter asks you to conquer a girl of the game. You need to complete one chapter to unlock the next chapters. Each girl has a different personality. If you want to conquer them, you have to find out their interests and what they are craving. For example, when you talk to Lilith, she wants you to help her get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. If you agree, you will impress her and easily win her heart.

Although the game is titled 7 angels, the maximum number of girls does not stop at 7. Currently, the game has 10 angels, and Nutaku always updates new girls in the updates. . Do not miss!

Match 3 . Puzzle

If only chatting with girls, this game would be boring. To increase your challenge, some conversations require you to solve match-3 puzzles. Linker style gameplay, use your finger to hold and drag bubbles of the same color to create links. If you link three or more bubbles, it will be destroyed and you get points and many other items. Some puzzles have many difficult requirements, you need a reasonable strategy to make the girls feel satisfied.


When playing 7 Angels, you have the opportunity to receive hot pictures of angels. Every time a photo is unlocked, it will be saved in the gallery. You can review it at any time. Currently, the game has 500 photos for you to unlock. You have to spend a lot of time on it if you want to conquer all the girls.


7 Angels is very impressive with its simple and colorful 2D design. The game does not have overly detailed graphics, but it is enough to satisfy you. The interface of the game is easy to use and makes it easy to operate on the touch screen. Besides, the music is also done quite well, you will enjoy romantic music when playing the game. The girls all have cute voices, they can seduce you from the first play.

MOD APK version of 7 Angels

Features MOD

Unlimited Money


Buy Ruby with Gems, then buy any item in the Inventory to get more Gems. Then restart the game vixen wars mod apk. You will have a lot of money.

Download 7 Angels APK & MOD game for Android

The girls in 7 Angels are all very sweet and charming. Every time you open the game, they will help you not to feel lonely. Not only dating and chatting, match-3 puzzles also bring you moments of relaxation but also challenging. Please download the game via the link below this article.

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