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AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v8.13.1

AdVenture Capitalist MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a game suitable for those who love business and like to earn a lot of money. Become a billionaire quickly by investing the right way. The Android version of the game first appeared in 2014. Later, versions for iOS, Windows, Playstation 4 and Linux were released respectively.

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Introducing AdVenture Capitalist

NameAdVenture Capitalist
PublisherHyper Hippo
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 5.0

Best idle game

In theory, AdVenture Capitalist is an idle game that allows you to make trillions of dollars with just a little capital. It sounds quite absurd when you only have one lemon stand, but in this game nothing is impossible.

Have you ever adcap 2020 of starting a business of your own? This game is the fastest way for you to do that. Even your company can grow more than Google and Facebook if you know how to invest properly. Start with the lemon shop. Each of your lemons sells for $1. After making a profit, you can open more stores and watch your money grow exponentially.


The company will work better if it is well decentralized and forms a tight system. The number of stores you have increases means that you cannot do everything by yourself.

When you feel like there’s too much work to be done, hire more employees. They will be responsible for each different job, ensuring your store is in continuous operation, thereby earning as much profit as possible.

Even when you are offline, they keep working hard. After returning to the game, you will receive the money without having to do anything. Experience the feeling of becoming a billionaire with the largest chain of stores on Earth.

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Talented employees mean you have to pay more for them. If you can’t afford to pay them, they will quit and work for rival companies. Good employees will bring huge amounts of money, consider increasing their salary.

Invest and profit

Not only selling lemons, you can open shops selling popular foods and drinks such as pizza, wine, hamburgers, KFC, etc. After reaching a profit of one trillion dollars, you can expand your business. to Jupiter or Mars.

Don’t just sell, add value to your item by improving service quality. Use advertising campaigns, equip customers with umbrellas, give them funny magazines, etc. There are many ways for you to attract customers and increase the value of your products.


AdVenture Capitalist is a game that simulates the capitalist economy in a realistic way. Similar to other business simulation games, this game has relatively simple and fun 2D graphics. Everything is simulated in a fun adcap 2020 and easy to understand way, making it easy for you to master the features in the game, thereby finding the best trading strategy for you. Each character has a unique appearance, not designed in a superficial way.

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