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Archer Hunter APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v0.4.141


Archer Hunter APK + MODb

Archer Hunter MOD APK is an Arcade game from the publisher Imba (Singapore). This thrilling action-adventure game will give you the chance to transform into a marksman archer, setting out to conquer dungeons full of traps to finally claim the mysterious treasure and save the dark world. tooth of Evil.

Introducing Archer Hunter

NameArcher Hunter
Package Nameco.imba.archero
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 6.0

How To Download Archer Hunter APK + MOD For Android?

Modded APKs are applications that have been modified to be different from their original counterparts. In other words, users who download modded APKs may use them to access paid applications for free or even get unlimited in-game currency.

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How To Install Archer Hunter APK + MOD For Android?

it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

This method tells you how to install and crack Android games with MOD (Modified Apk with Obb file)

  • Download the Rar file to your Android device.
  • Extract the apk.rar and obb.rar files to your SDCARD. (using a pull app)
  • In the mobile device menu, select > Settings > Applications > Unknown sources (must be enabled)
  • Uninstall the original version of Game App Data Market on your Android device
  • Move the unzipped folder (with the Obb file) to the location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB or /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (if there is no obb folder, create a new one named obb on the telephone)
  • Move the Mod Apk file to location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (using Es file manager)
  • Install Modified Apk File and Play

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How can the first archer cross his arms and watch the world ruled by Evil?

You are the First Archer the world is counting on

You’ve played a lot of thrilling action games with all the outstanding heroes and countless magical weapons. But have you ever played a game in which our hero uses only 1001 different types of bows and arrows for close combat? If not, here it is, Archer Hunter, please.

The plot motif in my opinion is not too strange with this genre. Still the world is threatened, the evil force is rising, growing and ruling all species. And the first archer is you, the only hope for all. We also don’t have to talk about the level of the character You in the game: a legend of mankind with great archery ability, once the name has been dropped, it is a hundred battles, won’t miss a shot, the opponent from death to death. injured. I mean that in the game, what you really need to care about is not aiming-to-shoot, but precisely other, larger things. Because of course legends don’t need to aim to hit.

The first archer you accept to save the world. Although we don’t know what lies ahead, but let’s go ahead with heroism.

Gameplay requires concentration

Archer Hunter’s gameplay is simple but difficult. Almost all you have to do is just track down the enemy, choose the right weapon (a bow and arrow combo), and shoot, until you destroy the opponent. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s hard on you: not all enemies die instantly, and of course, you don’t just have one enemy at a time. Situations depicting conflicts and conflicts force you to quickly withdraw your name, thinking ahead. And sometimes you have to combine both forward and backward to be able to fight all the countless monsters. 

The game has a lot of different levels. Wherever we go, we will use our unique collection of bows and arrows to destroy enemies, collect loot and find treasures to increase experience points, level up and acquire new skills. Must be strong enough, cool enough and skilled enough to be able to defeat the super Evil boss at the end. 

Our enemies are extremely diverse. They can be white skeletons scurrying around like zombies, they can be goblins with weird shapes, a bunch of soft slimes that go somewhere sweeping and engulfing everything that follows them, or even is a cruel werewolf that has lost all humanity. The way they attack and play bait (as a friend) is also very diverse. 

But never be distracted by anything from its appearance to the way it plays around you. All you need at all times is just focus, really focus on identifying the target to destroy, choosing the right type of bow and arrow with the highest efficiency and then swinging the bow to take down the enemy. 

As I said earlier, enemies are not only one at a time, but can have two, three and many. If you don’t really focus, you will not be able to distinguish which opponent to attack first, and how to strike to finish the fastest, with the least effort. Remember archery is unlike any modern weapon you’ve ever known, it’s a process that consumes energy and has a certain delay, especially when compared to holding a gun. 

The first archer must always collect, learn skills and collect good teammates

Along the way, kill any enemies, remember to collect loot. Also look for more items along the way. Especially the secret treasures lurking somewhere that the system will surely give you a few hints called. Don’t miss a thing. Because they will help you upgrade, add weapons, have new attack skills. 

But, the good thing is not really here. That is, when you have the necessary skills, you can combine several skills together in the same battle . This combination, if done properly and mastered, can cut combat time in half or much less. 

Briefly describe what you will have more to increase the excitement before you actually download the game to play: Regarding weapons, we will be upgraded with more bows, a variety of arrows material and damage. different, have more armor, have amulets, new shoes to run faster. In terms of strength scores, with the right items, you will be increased one of the following stats: Strength, Recover, Mighty. 

The higher these stats, the higher the ability to emit great light to defeat the enemy. Especially the archery skill upgrade in Archer Hunter is really exciting. You will have the opportunity to become a master archer with skills: both archery and kick, run and shoot a hundred shots at the same time, hide, roll and crawl, you can shoot accurately, or use at the same time 2-3 different types of bows and arrows to promote the power of the return fire. 

You probably already know, this game is very similar to Archero .

Archer Hunter MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlimited Money: You can buy items with diamonds even if your money is negative.

Download Archer Hunter APK & MOD game for Android

And know what else? Our first archer is not alone in this deadly journey. With many accumulated points, you will have the opportunity to unlock and recruit talented people to join forces to save the world. All that excitement takes place on the background of simple but effective 3D graphics and sound effects that are too good for archery. So the warning from me is “playing will be addicted”.

If you want to be addicted, click here to download Archer Hunter MOD APK to your device right away.

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