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MOD APK (Immortal, High Damage) v3.7.5

Archero MOD APK (Immortal, High Damage) is an extremely interesting action game from publisher Habby. This is also my favorite game. Get ready to enter the world and fight the devil alone!

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About Archero

Habby is not a very famous publisher, but their games are extremely interesting and unique. They have some relatively popular games on Google Play like Slidey: Block Puzzle or Flaming Core. Although only released for a short time, their latest game has reached hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play with lots of positive feedback and reviews. Here is a review of Archero.

Package Namecom.habby.archero
MOD FEATURESImmortal, High Damage
RequestAndroid 5.0

Master of Archers

In Archero, you are a leading archer of the kingdom, with the responsibility of fighting the forces of darkness. Things are not easy because they are innumerable, and you are alone with the bow as a companion. They will not stop until they kill you. So fight to the last arrow and be the hero of all mankind.

Many challenges

Each stage, you need to overcome classes of monsters with different strengths. They can appear from anywhere, such as the entrance, behind, or right where you are. Stay alert and keep the necessary concentration if you do not want to die in this place full of ghosts and monsters.

Not stopping there, there are many extremely sophisticated traps and obstacles. The stones can shoot many fireballs around, mobile electric traps. They can damage or stun you for a few seconds.

To help you complete levels faster,  version helps you increase damage per attack. Besides, you will be increased attack speed, increased attack range. Hopefully with the three features we provide can help you play this game better.

Thousands of monsters

When playing Archero, the key thing you need to do is classify the monsters. Monsters in the game have a variety of attack abilities, they can attack from long range, shoot lasers, etc. Once you know their attack, you will know how to move to avoid bullets, choose one convenient and safe position for attack.

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Each stage corresponds to a different land. After completing a land, you can step through the door and advance to new lands. If the nearest lands are too difficult, replay the previous stages. To help you focus on fighting monsters, the game does not require you to move and pick up every coin. After you clear all monsters, the amount of money dropped will automatically fall into your pocket.

Weapons and skills

The money you collect after killing monsters can be used to buy weapons and costumes. Weapons and characters can also be boosted by upgrading them. At the start, you can only shoot arrows per shot. That number can increase to 7 arrows after you upgrade your bow.

The skill system of the game is extremely impressive. There are a variety of different skills with a variety of effects. Choose a skill that suits your character and weapon.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention pets – they are trusted friends on the battlefield. They can attack enemies, heal or increase damage to you.

Impressive graphics

Not only attractive and addictive gameplay, Archero’s graphics are also remarkable. Beautiful 3D graphics with bright colors help you play the game for several hours continuously without feeling tired. Dozens of characters, thousands of monsters designed in cute, fun chibi style.

Thanks to the top-down view, you can see the whole game and move to avoid the waves of monsters. Each stage corresponds to a new environment, a new map for you to explore. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in this game.

Archero . APK MOD Version

Features MOD

Immortal: You have 65000 HP.

High Damage


Remember to activate the MOD feature before entering the battle.

Why not MOD Unlimited Money in this game?

Simply because it is not possible.

Download Archero MOD APK for Android

No player dares to claim this game is easy. Although the gameplay is not new, Archero still has many difficult challenges waiting for you. If you are looking for a challenge or an entertaining game to kill time, this is still a perfect choice.

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