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Arena Of Valor APK + MOb

MOBA has always been a genre that attracts the majority of gamers around the world with a series of team games, big and small tournaments organized to please the fans. That’s why Arena Of Valor APK since its launch and up to now has satisfied a lot of gamers and has always been a focal point to attract many gamers to participate. It can be said that this game is storming in the mobile gaming village at the moment.

NameArena Of Valor
PublisherLevel Infinite
RequestAndroid 4.1

How To Download Arena Of Valor APK + MOD Android?

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How To Install Arena Of Valor APK + MOD For Android?

it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

This method tells you how to install and crack Android games with MOD (Modified Apk with Obb file)

  • Download the Rar file to your Android device.
  • Extract the apk.rar and obb.rar files to your SDCARD. (using a pull app)
  • In the mobile device menu, select > Settings > Applications > Unknown sources (must be enabled)
  • Uninstall the original version of Game App Data Market on your Android device
  • Move the unzipped folder (with the Obb file) to the location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB or /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (if there is no obb folder, create a new one named obb on the telephone)
  • Move the Mod Apk file to location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (using Es file manager)
  • Install Modified Apk File and Play

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About Arena Of Valor

Not only possessing a diverse and in-depth gameplay, but Arena Of Valor also attracts gamers by its beautiful graphics, with constantly changing updates to satisfy gamers. Although there are many similarities with the very famous game on PC, it’s league of legends, but what’s more amazing is that Arena Of Valor is a mobile game that has a lot more convenience and player reach. much.

Style play

Basically, Arena Of Valor has the same gameplay as League of Legends , you will control your champion along with teammates to fight with the ultimate goal: destroy the opponent’s main house. You only win when you destroy the opponent’s main house, so avoid focusing too much on fighting, because you have a winning fight, killing a lot of lives but still losing as usual. The game focuses on own skills, as well as the coordination of teammates, not taking seriously the problem of plowing and hoes like some other games.

Rich game modes

Up to now, Arena Of Valor has quite a few game modes that allow gamers to experience the game in the most perfect way. It can be mentioned that the most prominent game mode is the ranking mode, where the player and his 4 teammates participate in combat in 5vs5 combat. Each victory you will receive gold and 1 star to help you accumulate to be able to increase your rank, if you lose, you will still receive gold but with less amount and besides you will be deducted 1 star . The rating system of the game includes ranks from low to high: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master, Challenger. In each certain rank, when you are ranked, you will play against the same people of the same rank as you, Therefore, to be able to achieve a high rank, skill is the most important thing and besides, the combination of teammates is an indispensable factor to win. After each season, your reward corresponds to the rank you achieved.

To be able to participate in ranked mode, you need to have at least 5 generals, when you don’t have enough champions or you don’t want to play ranked, you can join the normal game. In Normal Battle you can fight with 5v5 PVP mode similar to ranked but in this mode you will not be given or lost stars. Besides, there are other modes such as 3v3 match, solo match showing your own unique level. In addition, in Arena Of Valor, there are also new game modes such as hooking, chaos, life and death, and especially in the last World Cup, the publisher has launched a very football mode. Fun for gamers can fire along with the World cup. For those of you who have not played, you can go to a training match or play against a machine to get acquainted and improve your skills.

Many generals for you to choose

In Arena Of Valor, champions are a very important factor to help gamers have an interesting match with each of the different roles of the champion. So to make the game not boring, the publisher regularly releases new generals with separate skills and accompanying storylines. Because each champion has different skills, I recommend that in every 5v5 match, a team up has all the positions such as 1 mid laner mage, 1 top lane gladiator and 1 AD carry and assistant. player goes with 1 remaining path. Besides, it is indispensable for a jungle assassin to help make the most of the jungle monster resources and have timely team support phases. To be able to own the generals, you need to accumulate gold to buy, in addition, for those of you who have conditions and want to own many generals, you can buy it with real money.

Various equipment

To increase the strength of a champion, equipment is a very important factor. The equipment in the game is very diverse with different attributes such as attack, defense, running speed, magic, … to be able to match the attributes and roles of the general. One thing I find good compared to the league of legends is that in Arena Of Valor buying equipment is easy, you just need to destroy soldiers, monsters, … get gold and can upgrade equipment immediately, not turn to the main house. In addition, creating a suitable rune table for each champion also increases the power significantly. In each match, you can choose to bring an auxiliary spell suitable for your champion such as: flash, explosion, punishment, …

Quality graphics

Referring to the graphics, I am quite impressed with this part, compared to mobile games, the graphics of Arena Of Valor are somewhat more prominent. It can be said that this game is the MOBA game on mobile with the most advanced graphics. The generals in the game are designed very meticulously, from the costumes, weapons to running, surfing and skills are also depicted in a very realistic and clear way. The sound makes the game more dramatic with intense combat.

Arena Of Valor MOD APK version

Features MOD

  • Hack Map
  • Drone View
  • 60 fps

Download Arena Of Valor APK & MOD for Android

I’ve played a lot of games, when playing Arena Of Valor I’m really impressed with it. There is nothing more interesting than stealing Mega Kill from friends or weighing 5 members of the enemy team alone. The game has addictive gameplay with beautiful graphics that certainly won’t let you down, don’t forget to invite more friends to play together to conquer the arena of justice!

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