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Right into the new year, NetEase continuously launches its promising new products. A few days ago we introduced the role-playing game . Recently, they continue to release a new mobile game called Astracraft.

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Introducing Astracraft

Astracraft was introduced by NetEase not long ago. And it was released on January 14 recently. Currently the game only supports Southeast Asian gamers. If you are not located in this region, you can still experience the game with our version of Astracraft APK.

Package Namecom.netease.wxzcglobal
PublisherNetEase Games
RequestAndroid 4.1

Accordingly, Astracraft minecraft apk is developed with extremely attractive action-adventure gameplay. Here, you will experience the fighting battles of powerful robots.


Game Astracraft minecraft apk takes the fantasy theme to develop an extremely interesting action adventure game. As technology advances, modern robots appear more and more in the world. And humans compete with each other by producing the most powerful Robots. Join the game, you are free to create your own unique Robots. And you can take them to battle with the “products” of other players.

Unleash the design of Robots and vehicles

Usually, other robot fighting games just let you choose the robot and go into the battle. Therefore, every player will have the same characters, not interesting at all. But in Astracraft, you can freely design your own Robot or fighter.

As the name Astracraft minecraft apk of the game, you can understand that you are free to create what you like like Minecraft game. From different modules and materials, you can create your own machines and warriors. Of course, every design must be reasonable in order to be effective in combat. There will be extremely strange designs, but the effect in the game is very unpredictable.

Creativity in Astracraft minecraft apk is limitless. Not only fighting robots, you can also design fighters, racers, … in your own style. Every detail you design is not only related to the appearance, it is also related to the effect after creating it.

Weapon system

The game capital allows you to unleash your creativity to create the most powerful Robots, it also offers an extremely diverse weapon system. Astracraft’s weapons are divided into several types, each suitable for a different battle situation. From high-tech guns, bombs and even rockets to blast your enemies with firepower. Or in the case of a dramatic chase, you can upgrade your spaceship to fly through the sky at high speed.

The weapon system of the game is designed quite diversely with a series of high-tech guns, bombs, and missiles so that gamers can comfortably discharge fire on the enemy. Even in some cases of being chased, the spaceship customization feature shines even brighter than ever when it brings high speed to help gamers easily bend, bend in the sky or activate the bird of prey, EMP bombs to escape enemies and easily return to defeat them.

Diverse game modes

The most interesting game mode is the team battle mode with players around the world. This will be a great opportunity for you to show off your unique design abilities.

In addition, you can play other modes such as Module mode, which allows you to collect resources to design spaceships. Or defense mode, space exploration mode, survival mode. Another quite interesting mode without combat but extremely dramatic, is spaceship racing with friends.

Stunning graphics

The game is developed with extremely vivid 3D graphics. First about the design, from small details you can create robots with extremely eye-catching appearance. The surrounding environment is large, giving you the freedom to admire. Enjoy the beautiful visual effects from jet engines, rockets, shooters, etc. In general, Astracraft’s graphics are very impressive, highly appreciated by many gamers.

Download Astracraft APK for Android

Overall, Astracraft is an excellent game in terms of both gameplay and visuals. Moreover, with high-end graphics, the game capacity is less than 1GB, so you don’t have to worry about the device memory capacity. And here will be the link to download the game Astracraft APK for you!

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