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Download the APK file of Black Desert Mobile and start your adventure today. The best Android RPG is ready to download to your Android device.

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Introducing Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is an action role-playing game, the mobile remake of Black Desert Online. The game was developed by Korean Video Game Developer and released globally in December 2019.

Currently, Black Desert Mobile has been installed on more than 5 million Android devices. It has received more than 300,000 reviews, with comments and praise for the content as well as the exciting adventure.

NameBlack Desert Mobile
CategoryRole Playing
RequestAndroid 5.0
Network Requirements

How To Download Black Desert Mobile APK App For Android?

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How To Install Black Desert Mobile APK App For Android?

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Black Desert Mobile is about the conflict between the Calpheon Republic and the Kingdom of Valencia. They used to be friendly neighbors, but that soon changed when Valencia brought an epidemic and killed millions of people. It is called the Black Death, which shakes the peace of the four kingdoms of Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos and Mediah.

The three lands allied to fight, causing the war to drag on for more than 30 years. In the midst of that fire, Mediah was outside, mining and commercializing black stone.

After the war, the lands realized the importance of black stone. They compete with each other in the Black Desert – the mining area owned by Valencia. This became the root cause, causing the war to happen again.

Style play

Black Desert Mobile retains the MMORPG gameplay from the original work. You choose the character to role-play, using his available skills to fight, perform missions and fight enemies in the journey to conquer Valencia.

The game is designed as a miniature world. You will adventure from one land to another through navigation from NPCs. NPCs will give you quests, and direct you to where you need to go. When you’re done, new elements will be unlocked. It includes play areas, character features (equipment, skills), activities (boss hunting, guilds) and much more.

In addition, there are difficulties. You will face more dangers and harsher challenges. Monsters become stronger and harder to deal with. At that time, you have to more skillfully combine skills to create high-damage attacks.

Black Desert Mobile’s combat system is designed in detail, and has a couple of differences from most common MMORPGs. You will have to learn how to create attack combos, dodging, and attacks that block your opponent’s moves.


Black Desert Mobile is introduced with five character classes including: Titan, Huntress, Paladin, Knight and the latest is Hashashin. Each character class has a unique combat characteristic and use of weapons. Thanks to that, they created their own advantages in the battle. Some weapons are more about power, some are more about speed, and some can hit enemies at great distances.

In general, the plot and gameplay have not changed much compared to the original version, but each character class has different points in terms of equipment, weapons, combat skills and some special missions.

In addition, Black Desert Mobile also allows you to customize the character in a high level of detail. You can change your height, body composition, hair style to details such as eye type, skin color, eyebrow length and much more.

Build your own camp

Besides fighting the enemies, you can rest and have a little fun with your own camp. There, you can improve life skills, build structures, help the workers to expand and upgrade the camp more quickly.

Boss hunting activity

Boss hunting is one of the most loved activities in Black Desert Mobile. They usually spawn at specific locations around the world, where the player can gather around the time the Boss spawns, hoping to kill him.

If you kill the Boss, the player will receive valuable rewards that he drops. Kzarka is one of the most formidable Bosses. He is known as the Lord of Corruption. He will not stop taking advantage of the opportunity to destroy the world. Don’t let Kzarka hit the mark, while you’re still in Black Desert Mobile!


Black Desert Mobile is rated as one of the best graphics games for Mobile. It is not only designed in detail on the 3D platform, with high sharpness and realism, but it is also optimized to operate smoothly.

Along with the graphics is a series of beautiful lighting effects. You will soon feel the excitement of fiery combat, combined with magical light to create unprecedented fierceness.

Download Black Desert Mobile APK for Android

After achieving much success with two PC and Console games, now the game has completely conquered players on the Android operating system. Are you ready to experience the journey to conquer Valencia and claim the Black Desert? Install the APK version of Black Desert Mobile at our website and get started right away!

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