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Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK 

Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK (VIP, Free Shopping) v1.5.3a

The D-Day War is over, but its aftermath remains. Download the MOD APK (Free Shopping) version of Brothers in Arms 3 to transform into a soldier and participate in fierce battles.

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Introducing Brothers in Arms 3

After the success of two hit games Brothers in Arms and Brothers in Arms 2, the developer Gameloft is still ambitious to continue to convey to the community more in this series. Finally, Brothers in Arms 3 was released with the hope of following the echoes of the two predecessors.

NameBrothers in Arms 3
PublisherGameloft SE
RequestAndroid 4.1

Brothers in Arms 3 is a World War II game with the main content revolving around the war between the allies and the fascist block. The game promises to bring fans the best experience.


Still using the same timeline from World War II in 1945, season 3 revolves around the story taking place after the Normanday invasion of France. Sergeant Wright leads his task force on a life-changing journey, after witnessing the tragedy of bloody carnage in the historic war. Players will play as the commander, Sergeant Wirght, along with his teammates, performing various tasks on the battlefield.

Style play

Players will experience the gameplay in a very unique team-based combat style. It is more tactical, and the attacks become more diverse, including air raids, petrol bombs, mortars, missiles, .. And especially players can take advantage of the ability and Weapons of your teammates to win in this fierce battlefield. The more missions you complete, the more chances you have to recruit new allies. They can be upgraded to become seasoned warriors such as increased damage, recovery rate, health, area of ​​effect and more.

In addition to the available missions, players can also participate in many special events, experience the feeling of winning harsh rewards when confronting gamers from all over the world. The challenge increases with the level, corresponding to a larger prize according to the difficulty of the mission. However, these events are always limited in time and only held on special occasions.

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New points added

If you are a fan of the Brothers in Arms series, you cannot skip part 3 of the game. Although it still has the same gameplay as its predecessors, in this version, the game has many new breakthroughs. First of all, Brothers in Arms 3 has switched to third-person shooter action, which allows players to observe their character’s actions. Meanwhile, players can unleash their creativity as well as express their playing style with the addition of the team upgrade feature. Now it is also easier to upgrade weapons and add many other weapon items such as rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols and other melee types.

With four different maps and dozens of thrilling missions, the game is the perfect place for players to practice skills and reflexes while fighting. Each map offers its own unique utility. For example Claustrophobia, the map is suitable for practicing solo combat. Besides, Aftermath helps to increase the efficiency of team activities as well as maximize the capabilities of all team members.

In terms of mode, Brothers in Arms 3 retains two main game modes, Free For All, where the player plays the role of a single surviving soldier and has to face an entire army alone. In addition, the Team Deathmatch mode, where a group of the bravest soldiers is formed, together sweep all enemies on the map.

Enjoy extremely eye-catching graphics

Gameloft has conquered gamers since the first versions thanks to excellent graphics and they are still doing this very well in the 3rd version. The context inside and outside appears extremely vivid when played. 3D style design. Meanwhile, the weather effect continuously changes from day to night over time, giving players the most authentic experience.

Especially the 3A rated Console graphics will surely make even the most demanding players feel satisfied. Characters can move freely in the game, can perform cover and shoot, drive tanks, throw grenades, aim, change shooting weapons by using virtual buttons on the touch screen. . These movements are also handled optimally, creating an extremely smooth feel.

Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK version

Features MOD

  • Free shopping
  • Unlock VIP
  • Free upgrade

Should I use Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK?

Why not? While this MOD APK version gives you a lot of advantages on the battlefield? You can shop for guns and gear to gain both offensive and defensive abilities in a comprehensive way. While the VIP feature unlocks, allowing you to discover more new and unique things, including elite agents too!

How to fix the error of closing the game?

After installing the MOD version, you need to quickly buy the items you want before it closes. Once done, install the APK version that normally overrides the MOD version.

Note, you need to download both the original APK version and the MOD version at APKMODY.

Download Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK for Android

Brothers in Arms 3 is highly appreciated in the gaming community not only for inheriting the success of previous versions, but also for a series of valuable new improvements. To date, this version has attracted more than 10 million downloads and millions of positive reviews on Google Play. What are you waiting for without downloading right away?

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