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The Android version of the classic shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game called CSGO Mobile apk has now been officially released by Valve Corporation. You can download the APK file of this game for free on TOPAPKAPP

CSGO Mobile APKb
CSGO Mobile APKb

Introducing CSGO Mobile

The development history of Counter Strike – a monument to a shooter game

NameCSGO Mobile
PublisherValve Corporation
RequestAndroid 4.0

If you are a fan of shooting games, you probably already know about Counter Strike, the game that has become a monument to the shooter series for more than 20 years. In 1997, Gooseman, a Canadian programmer, created a mod for Quake called NAVY Seals. After completing the NAVY Seals, Gooseman went on to develop a mod version of Quake 2, and it is believed to be the forerunner of today’s Counter Strike.

In 1999, Gooseman and his collaborators continued to develop a mod version of Half-Life, Valve’s shooter game that was very popular. This version quickly attracted a large number of players to participate thanks to the fast and attractive gameplay. Valve bought this version, and invited Gooseman to work for their company. Versions of CS were released shortly thereafter, culminating in two versions of CS 1.0 (October 2000) and CS 1.6 (September 2003). Up to the present time, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most complete version of CS with maximum upgraded gameplay and graphics. The game has also hosted many major tournaments with many professional teams.

How does CSGO Mobile play on Android phones?

There are quite a few problems when adapting a complex PC game like CS:GO to mobile and tablet versions. This game requires a lot of player manipulation. Just a slight difference in movement is enough to distinguish a good player from an average player. However, CSGO Mobile apk did a great job in this aspect. The game’s control interface is quite intuitive. If you’ve played other shooters on mobile, you’ll quickly master it. Basic virtual keys are located on either side of the screen such as joystick, change bullets, shoot, change weapons, aim (when using a shotgun).

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There are 5 types of movement in CSGO Mobile,apk including jumping, sitting, walking, standing and running. In particular, walking slowly helps you not to reveal the sound of footsteps when moving. In addition to helping you overcome some obstacles or jump to some better positions to aim, jumping also helps you appear unexpectedly before the enemy awpers. However, when you shoot and jump (jumpshot), your ability to hit is not high.

What is the difference between the graphics of CSGO Mobile and the original version?

If we just look at it with the naked eye, we can see that there is almost not much difference between CSGO Mobile and its original version on PC. Environments, people, guns, everything is designed with sharp and detailed 3D graphics through Unreal Engine technology. Movement and viewing angles are relatively smooth, making it easy to control on the screen of mobile devices. These factors greatly affect the quality of your shooting, so the game always tries to optimize to the maximum.

Like the PC version, CSGO Mobile requires your device to have a good graphics configuration to play this game smoothly.

Weapon system, equipment

CSGO Mobile’s gun system is the same as the original version. Meet the familiar guns of the CT side such as M4A1, AWP, USP, FAMAS, P250, Desert Eagle… and AK-47, familiar weapons on the T side. Besides, you can buy some more equipment such as armor, helmet, quick bomb removal.

Landmines are a tactical element for the game CS: GO. With 4 types of bombs that have become the trademark of a shooting game, players can work with teammates to get information, push back the opponent to occupy important positions, obscure the view of the enemy team… Learn strategies from experienced players, professional cs go mobile teams like Astralis, Natus Vincere or G2. They have created many extremely effective Smoke throwing strategies, you should learn those tips and tactics to control the map more effectively.

Some modes are available in CSGO Mobile

Currently, CSGO Mobile only has a single Bomb Defuse mode. If you are a new shooter and do not know the rules of the game, I will talk about it. Ten players are divided into two teams, Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist. The Terrorist faction must be able to plant the bomb and keep it from detonating successfully. On the contrary, the anti-Terrorist faction needs to prevent the Terrorist faction from planting the bomb. If a bomb has been planted, the Counter-Terrorist faction needs to defuse the bomb before it explodes to win the round. Sub-condition, if one faction destroys all members of the other faction, they also win.

Some other modes such as Team Deathmatch, Zombies have not yet appeared in the Mobile version. We need to wait for these modes to be updated in the following updates.

Playable maps

List of maps available in cs go mobile

  • Dust 2
  • Mirage
  • Cache
  • Inferno

Download CSGO Mobile APK for Android

Many prominent shooters such as PUBG, have all developed mobile versions to dominate this market. The games above have all achieved some success, and we also hope that, the mobile version of the best shooting game of all time, cs go mobile will soon reach its position. You can download the game’s APK file via the link below.

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