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Dawn of Zombies MOD APK

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK (Free Crafting/Build) v2.154

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK (Free Crafting/Building) is an online survival game published by Royal Ark.

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK

Introducing Dawn of Zombies

This game has top-down gameplay with a zombie background. Currently, there are many such survival games. Survival games with a zombie background often attract a lot of players because this topic has a lot of content to exploit. Despite having the same purpose and context, each game gives players a different approach to the story. Delivery From the Pain has a great storyline, Last Day On Earth has beautiful graphics and varied gameplay. Publishers are always trying to give players the best possible experience.

NameDawn of Zombies
Package Namecom.survival.last
PublisherRoyal Ark
MOD FEATURESFree Crafting/Build
Network Request


After the nuclear disaster, radiation caused people to turn into zombies. This pandemic quickly spread to all countries around the world. To win life, you have to fight against a lot of enemies, including zombies, mutants, monsters… Besides, other survivors are also not friendly. In the line between life and death, they can do anything, even kill a stranger whose name they don’t even know.

In Dawn of Zombies, you will play as the character Strider, a security guard. After you wake up, you can’t remember who you are, or what happened. Before thinking about that, you need to find a way to survive in the apocalypse of the world. Zombies are everywhere. They are on the streets, in supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. Some lucky people are hiding in some secret buildings. Somewhere in the radioactive area, there is a specialist who can help you regain your memory.

How To Download Dawn of Zombies MOD APK App For Android?

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How To Install Dawn of Zombies MOD APK App For Android?

it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

This method tells you how to install and crack Android games with MOD (Modified Apk with Obb file)

  • Download the Rar file to your Android device.
  • Extract the apk.rar and obb.rar files to your SDCARD. (using a pull app)
  • In the mobile device menu, select > Settings > Applications > Unknown sources (must be enabled)
  • Uninstall the original version of Game App Data Market on your Android device
  • Move the unzipped folder (with the Obb file) to the location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB or /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (if there is no obb folder, create a new one named obb on the telephone)
  • Move the Mod Apk file to location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (using Es file manager)
  • Install Modified Apk File and Play

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This game has the same gameplay as Last Day On Earth. The first thing to do in the zombie world is to build a strong base, enough to keep you safe from zombies. It doesn’t protect you 100%, but at least you have a safe enough place to sleep and keep essentials. Humans need rest and food to ensure the body is healthy enough. But in this game, getting a good night’s sleep is impossible. Because zombies don’t sleep. They are fearless, emotionless and tireless. If they know your location, they will attack until they die.

To be able to survive the apocalypse, you need to venture into the downtown areas. This is an area contaminated with radiation and has a large population. They were all turned into zombies, only a few survived. Fight against zombies and absolutely don’t let them touch you.

This game has a mode that makes you temporarily invisible. Zombies can’t find you while you’re hiding in the bushes. Move stealthily and kill them.

Crafting weapons and equipment

There are very few weapons available out there. You need to collect materials such as wood, stone, … to make clothes, weapons and some special items. The game has a variety of clothes, from the clothes we wear every day to special clothes. Some armor sets can protect you from zombies. Some weapons help you deal a lot of damage to zombies, or bazookas can blow up dozens of zombies in one bullet.

There are many ways for you to get the resources you want. You can explore radioactive areas, kill zombies or trade with other players. You can also find resources when visiting other players’ bases.

Survive with many other players

Dawn of Zombies is an online multiplayer game. You can work with them to build a strong base for everyone. In the apocalypse, you need all the help you can get. Zombies often attack in large numbers. The more people you have, the higher your chance of survival.

But always be alert. Not everyone is good, and not every player wants to help you. Maybe they will attack you to rob you of the resources you have. In addition to fighting zombies, you also have to protect the base from mutants and malicious online players.

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK version

The MOD version will help you fight and fight zombies.

Features MOD

  • Max Lvl Craft
  • Free Crafting
  • Free Construction

Download Dawn of Zombies APK & MOD for Android

There is a lot to be said about this game, but within the limit of one article I cannot say it all. Overall, Dawn of Zombies is the most novel and attractive survival game in 2019. If you are a longtime player of Last Day On Earth and want to find new experiences, this game is my suggestion. .

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