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Douyin APK, the name may be a bit off, but it is actually a TikTok application for domestic use in China. Download Douyin and register to join, instantly you can follow all the Chinese idols, super cool trending videos and millions of interesting Chinese culture. This is a great way to catch up with new idol artists and learn about interesting Chinese people.

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About Douyin

TikTok Chinese domestic version, the bridge that connects you and the world’s largest and oldest culture.


What is Douyin different from TikTok?

Basically the same. Douyin as a clone of TikTok exclusively for the Chinese market. Still the main features: short video social network, create videos, edit videos, share and receive favorite comments with the Tik Tok community, still have the same strong connection ability as what TikTok has done. . But the content above and Douyin’s is completely separate and separate from TikTok.

The download link for Douyin is also harder to find, especially if you don’t know Chinese (but don’t worry because after this article, I will definitely send you a link to download Douyin, then register and try it out).

Why use Douyin?

You are wondering, if TikTok is enough, why use more Douyin. The following four main motivations can be identified:

Chinese girls are beautiful, style and school are available, beauty is also very close to Vietnam. So many guys are sure to come here to see pretty girls.

Following in the footsteps of idols: may not be as impressive and penetrating as Korean or Western idols, but the Chinese idol stars themselves from all fields are always very diverse, through many generations. system, especially the young star cast of Cbiz also has great attraction. So they have many fans, and the best way for a fan sitting in another country to still be able to watch their idol every day, in the most vivid way, is to watch them on Douyin.

Connect with Chinese friends: you love Chinese, want to come here to learn more about Chinese culture, food, art, language and new trends, Douyin is exactly where you can make friends Connect with many young people in China and get yourself a valuable source of information and knowledge mentioned above.

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And since China is very strict about censoring social media content from its own country, most Chinese people only use social networks ordered by the government. TikTok or Facebook are almost exclusively used internationally, cannot be brought into China. If you want to see what news and videos from Chinese people, the only way is to go to their domestic social network to see it.

Use douyin apk to update new information and follow idols

One of the reasons I mentioned above. China is home to a lot of interesting things about culture, art, cuisine, history, fashion trends, travel… douyin download is the place where a lot of this valuable information is gathered. Coming here to update new information from your country is also a good way to deepen your knowledge of trends. Even information from the average person or from an idol star you have long loved. All are available here, just follow, you can follow anyone who is present on Douyin.

Quickly create and edit videos and post them on douyin apk

Just like Tik Tok in this part. douyin apk will help you record videos the way you want, then edit with a variety of effects, filters, and collage styles available. Dubbing music with a rich music store is available here (which is almost exclusively, not available on any other social network). Then upload to Douyin to interact, exchange and receive likes and comments from everyone.

Shopping Online

Douyin now stands out on online shopping products because of his magical and completely different abilities. Different from other online shopping platforms: users have to actively find the item they want, within their allowed wallet. In Douyin, short video apps automatically recommend products to viewers thanks to a high-quality artificial intelligence analysis algorithm. This algorithm will rely on the user’s first searches to predict buying needs and from there recommend short sales videos with similar content.

Making purchases on douyin apk is also easy, with just scrolling and tapping you can complete your purchase. The volume of operations is almost significantly reduced compared to online shopping applications. Product introduction videos are also intuitive, concise and easy to visualize. Most of the promotions are limited in a short time, so it stimulates users to shop faster, more and more massively, both young and old.

In the near future, according to the news I read, Douyin also strongly invests in many more interesting things for his online shopping segment. Like opening a store specializing in providing high-end and international brand products (including LV, Dior …) and opening more separate outreach campaigns for each customer group by age… Who knows, going to Douyin, we What if there’s one more shopping channel that’s faster, efficient, accurate, and more colorful?

Download Douyin APK for Android

This Chinese domestic video social networking app douyin apk will bring you more benefits than you think. Signing up is a bit difficult, find the link, you don’t have to worry because it’s available under this line. The decision to participate or not is up to you. Just try to take a walk around and then decide it’s not too late.

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