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Facebook APK is a cross-platform social networking application, allowing to connect with friends and share interests, joys and sorrows, mood ups and downs during the day, from anywhere, at any time, as long as there is internet. Is there too much to say about something that everyone knows what it is?

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I’m talking about an app that everyone knows who it is!

Welcome to the world’s largest social network

Yes, you did not read it wrong, today I am writing a few short paragraphs to introduce an app that everyone knows what it is, to the point of talking about it, I feel a bit embarrassed. But just let me finish.

Facebook is the app of, of course, the social network Facebook. At the time I’m writing this article, anyone who doesn’t know Facebook can only be children under 3 years old (oh no, when they already know them all) and old people who don’t know Facebook (I guess so, but the sometimes know it). Almost everyone on this planet, in areas with internet, has a Facebook account (like many years ago, my parents also added my Facebook friend). Mr. Mark has had a resounding success with a very ordinary and somewhat

“hearing” start-up intention, a project called The Book of Faces. 

Now, that book has become an indispensable part in everyone’s life, especially the virtual characters that are called “a lifetime”. Facebook also contributed to the eradication of Yahoo 360 degrees, Yahoo chat and a number of other platforms that were once in the past. Ignoring all the clutter about security, privacy or increasing commerciality of Facebook, now we only talk about the Facebook app and the features that we can do with this app.

Specifically, what can we do with the Facebook app?

  1. Connect without borders with friends, family, colleagues. And of course, make friends with people you love or just meet to keep a long-term relationship. There are unexpected and poetic friendships from Facebook, and there are also touching stories of people who accidentally found each other after many years, through Facebook.
  2. Post, share, and tell the world about your current mood, thoughts and feelings with a status line that can be updated at any time. Accompanied by hundreds (even thousands with extended ranges) of different emoticons, inserted to increase the dramatic part of the status.
  3. And through other people’s status, you can understand more about them, find empathy than simply surfing a hot news stream.
  4. In addition to posting status in words, I can also post beautiful photos, good clips and my favorite milestones for everyone to see.
  5. Information from you or see information from friends about Events / meetings in the surrounding area, near you. Opt in or out, but at least know about them to stay up to date like a local.

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  1. Playing by yourself or inviting friends in your friendlist to play the game with is also quite fun and kills time in a healthy way.
  2. If you are a fan of an artist, you can easily find information and follow their “status” easily via Facebook. In general, on Facebook, everyone can follow anyone if they want to, as long as they don’t block them.

Using Facebook as an effective online sales and promotion channel

You can also go through Facebook to view information about your favorite products and businesses, contact them for information and exchange quickly.

And if you are intending to sell online or promote your products on the online front, Facebook is an invaluable treasure. Of course, you’ll need the paid Facebook Ads feature (and more) but to generate mass interest, a concise, neat, targeted, and timely promotional tool. Facebook is a great channel.

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