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FL Studio Mobile APK v3.6.19

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Features of FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is one of the most popular paid apps in the Music & Audio category. The reason it achieves this is thanks to a powerful set of tools, allowing users to create music quickly with perfect quality. Download FL Studio Mobile at APKMODY and start your project now!

NameFL Studio Mobile
Package Namecom.imageline.FLM
CategoryMusic & Sounds
PriceFREE $14.99
RequestAndroid 4.1

The best music creation app for Android

Get started on your first musical project with FL Studio Mobile. Here, vibrant EDMs are easily created with a variety of tools to support detailed editing. First, choose a song as the background. Then, use FX Equalizer to adjust parameters related to speed and magnitude such as Gain, Frequency, Bandwidth. The app has also created a few sample parameter sets, like the filters in the photography app. You just need to choose to apply the effect, and then customize it to suit your needs. The DirectWave sample player will play the content for you to listen to, before you decide to complete the project.

However, if you’ve never used a music editing studio before, don’t worry. FL Studio Mobile is famous for having a fairly simple and intuitive interface, the developer has also provided some step-by-step video tutorials for you to create a vibrant music. What’s the use of that FX Filter? How to use FX Leveller and how to create anchor points? Soon, you will be able to use them expertly.

Besides, you can try  VivaVideo Pro MOD APK another application.

Create the most vibrant music!

In the EDM world, there are many styles of playing music that you can choose from. Disco House, Electro House, Trap or simply Trance. Studio Mobile supports most of these genres and gives you choices when you create a new project.

For each different genre, the application recommends different background music along with a suitable music editor and mixer. Of course, if you don’t want those templates, you can change, even create recordings to replace or insert into the playing background music!

Various musical instruments

To create a unique product, you cannot lack musical instruments.  Studio Mobile provides you with most of the popular instruments like Drums, Bass, Piano, MIDI and other modules and Mixers like Drum Sampler, MiniSynth & SuperSaw.

When you first download the application, the system will give you a message asking you if you want to install these modules? If you agree, the installation will take place automatically. If not, you can go to the Shop and manually install some as desired.

Moreover, if you want a more intuitive music making feel, connect with Piano, MIDI or any other instrument. This application has built-in feature to receive input sources and use filters to render the best quality!

Perfect quality

After completing a project, rendering it to a device or other storage places is a dilemma. For other music creation applications, the quality is always significantly degraded. But with Studio Mobile, things don’t work out that way. You can check that most visually when playing your products again when bringing it from the studio to the collection. Thanks to this highlight, the application is always chosen by producers who are striving to go professional.

Extract content

Besides the quality issue, this application also supports converting audio files to the most popular types of formats, which are WAV, MP3 and FLAC. As a result, you can present your project on more audio devices, rather than just on your mobile phone.

FL Studio Mobile also supports sharing and storing files across many popular environments. With just one click, you can send your original versions to your friends via Facebook, Messenger or store them on OneDrive, Google Drive and ShareMe too. But remember to log in and link your account before doing these things!

Should FL Studio Mobile APK be downloaded at APKMODY?

Why not? Especially a famous paid app like FL Studio Mobile? If you’re wondering about account bans or security-related issues, don’t worry. Here, we always try to provide quality products, which have been tested before delivering it to users.

Moreover, our APK file is free, you can still use the premium services and features included in the app without having to pay any money!

Download FL Studio Mobile APK for Android

Music is a part of our lives. Without music, life would be boring. Use FL Studio Mobile to create your own personalized music, to entertain, to create excitement or even more to become a professional music producer.

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