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Friday Night Funkin APK 

Friday Night Funkin APK v0.2.7.1

Friday Night Funkin APK is a music game with cute witty graphics with extremely entertaining gameplay. If you want to have moments of real relaxation with a mobile game, this is the game you should play.

Friday Night Funkin APK b

Friday Night Funkin: Let’s go high and fall in love with the great supporting music

The first rhythm game with a real story to see

Friday Night Funkin is not what you think when looking at the first images of the poster. It’s literally the funniest witty music I’ve ever played.

NameFriday Night Funkin
RequestAndroid 4.4

And the surprise is that it also has a storyline, not flying in and entering like other music games. No matter what the next steps are, in the beginning, I gave it an A+ because of the difference.

The plot is actually quite simple and has a main premise. You are a boyfriend who first debuted “future supporting music”. But the irony is that this erratic father in his youth was a rock star with the stage name Daddy Dearest. The debut doesn’t seem to go well and the godfather doesn’t seem to like you. He sets out a series of challenges that you have to do, whether you want to or not, and must overcome if you want to be your father’s daughter. In general, you have to prove your love for your daughter by meeting all the challenges of the father, including the most terrible rap battles.

And not only her father, but also a few crippled brothers in her family, even the unclean blowing noses competing for her, rushed in to ask to “kill” you. Are you ready to let these rhythms beat you or do you insist on winning the girl’s heart to the very end?

Gameplay is no gameplay, just touch, but do you think you’re good enough?

Manipulation in the new game, I thought I was joking. Simply use the arrows to click on the correct box in the correct order before and after and in the correct tune, of course, do not miss any notes, if you miss too much, you will lose. Literally just touch, touch and touch. 

The story of the game is divided into several weeks, representing the encounters and challenges of the godfather for you. Each week there will be 3 different difficulty levels. The harder it is, the faster your rhythmic coordination as well as your speed of grasping the notes should be.

And it’s time for you to understand the challenge in the simplicity of the game. The game is equipped with WASD buttons to navigate on the right hand side of the screen. You just need to touch the buttons to “catch” the musical note arrows. But what if those evil arrows flew in and out continuously, and then there was a catch name appearing on the left hand of the screen that kept wiggling as much as possible. You will miss 1, 2, 3 and then countless arrows. It wasn’t until the game was over that I really woke up.

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When you realize you’re not as smart as you think you are at catching music. And just in time to realize the “crazy” level of the game…

By then it was too late, the only way to play again (luckily we can play again from the scene just “dead”).

Graphics in Friday Night Funkin

The graphics in the game are an extremely attractive point for me. It’s got a casual vibe, but it’s also chibi funny, and also a bit dark in the style of extremely challenging battle. To the point that when I hadn’t entered the game, I thought this was a horror game in disguise.

Don’t even imagine a dreamlike cast of characters with rhythmic movements like today’s 3D mobile games, because Friday Night Funkin doesn’t have that at all. The characters, as well as the plot, appear on the screen for good. The rest are just a few movements of shaking hands, swaying, challenging faces. As for your boyfriend character, his face is sometimes excited, sometimes sad because of the lack of rhythm or nervous expression. Just that, no more. The most important is still the arrows and the rhythms are flowing in your ears.

Don’t talk about the music in the game, because it’s amazing and good

As a music game, music is probably something that shouldn’t be put out for review. Because it’s really very catchy. I don’t really like bubble princess romantic rhythm games or jerky dancesport, These don’t seem to have any depth (personally, my dears). So when you hit a rhythm game with this exaggerated music, it’s like a fish meeting water. It’s really high, everyone.

Download game Friday Night Funkin APK for Android

Well, if you like it, just dance with me. But I’ve been playing this game for three nights, every night is like a lot of sugar, I can’t sleep.

Download Friday Night Funkin APK here guys.

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