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Fruit Ninja MOD APK

Fruit Ninja MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v3.8.0

An old game but never out of date. Fruit Ninja MOD APK is an arcade game with simple but addictive gameplay. Download this game and train to be the top ninja.

Fruit Ninja MOD APK

About Fruit Ninja

This is a fun fruit game for World Vegetarian Day (we know it’s irrelevant but still needs a reason to talk about this old favorite ). This game has the same developer as Jetpack Joyride . This track and field game has become very popular since its launch in 2010 and as of this, the game has been downloaded more than one hundred million times worldwide. This game has been updated from time to time with different game modes.

NameFruit Ninja
Package Namecom.halfbrick.fruitninjafree
PublisherHalfbrick Studios
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 4.4

Style play

You can still challenge yourself to the fullest in Classic mode, but now you can also score high in Arcade mode or just hone your fruit slashing skills in Zen mode. Multiplayer mode lets you take on other players – depending on how competitive you find you can be in a duel in Zen mode or join an attack in Ancient mode dictionary.

If you log in every day, you will have a chance to receive daily prizes, which are loot that you can use in games like special blades. New to Fruit Ninja? Do you know how to play at all? Don’t worry, we’ll help you reach your full potential… the goal is simple – slash as many flying fruits as possible and pay attention to avoid bombs. You will feel extremely excited and satisfied when you figure out how to slash a bunch of colorful fruit flying. When you miss too many fruits or hit the bomb, the game will end.


Initially, Fruit Ninja only allows you to play the only mode, Classic Mode. You need to slash as many fruits as you can, while avoiding bombs and don’t miss the fruit.

At level 2 you will unlock Zen mode. This is the mode to help you relax. No bombs, no stress, no punishment for you. You can play until you get bored. Besides, Arcade mode is unlocked at level 4 where you experience the excitement of achieving slicing combos. Try to get the highest score possible by performing as many combos as possible. Slash Double Score, Freeze and Banana Frenzy to maximize your score.

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In addition, you can unlock Event mode at level 9, minigames at level 6 and Challenges mode at level 8. You will have to face and defeat the game’s talented Ninja while playing in Event mode. Sue like Han, Mari Truffles, Rinjin.

Online Mode is where you can challenge other players. To play this mode, the game requires you to have Internet enabled.

Unlock swords and characters

Fruit Ninja gives you some characters like Truffles (free), Nobu, Katsuro, Mari, Han, Rinjin. Characters can be purchased with Golden Apples.

Some of the weapons you can unlock in Event mode (you can use them in Arcade and Classic):

  • Bat Blade: The sword has the ability to unleash a swarm of bats when you slash a watermelon.
  • Ancient Yoyo Blade: Slashes longer when you slash a pomegranate.
  • Michkillya Blade.

Some tips to help you get a higher score

The fruit goes up into the air, to the top, and when it falls, it slows down for a moment. Take advantage of that to slash as many combos as you can.

You can use multiple fingers at the same time to slash more hits. But this tactic is a double-edged sword. Fingers can obscure your screen. The probability that you hit the bomb is also higher.


Fruit Ninja has two main currencies:

  • Starfruit: You receive an amount of Star fruit after completing a match. Star fruit helps you buy some in-game items.
  • Golden Apple: The premium currency of the game. Golden Apples are purchased with cash.


Fruit Ninja is a game for fruit lovers. You will participate in a world with many fruits such as bananas, watermelons, pineapples, apples… No need for high-quality 3D graphics, the game’s 2D graphics can also impress any player. . Visual and sound effects when you swipe the screen give you the feeling of a very sharp sword, which can cut everything.

Fruit Ninja MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlimited Money: Initially, you are given 50 Golden Apples and 1000 Starfruit. After each match, you will be rewarded with an amount of Starfruit depending on your achievements and the number of times you perform slicing combos. However, that number is quite small compared to the price of in-game items. Our Fruit Ninja MOD APK gives you a large amount of Golden Apples and Starfruit. However, you cannot play Online mode when using the MOD version.

Some frequently asked questions

How to installHow to update the MOD version without data loss

Download Fruit Ninja APK & MOD game for Android

We’ve just inspired you back on this game. Fruit Ninja is a fun game, suitable for all ages. It is very suitable when you are on the bus or relaxing in Starbucks. We provide you the file of the original Fruit Ninja APK and Fruit Ninja MOD APK. You can download the game completely for free via the link below.

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