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Grand Theft Auto V APK is the name that everyone who loves action games mentions also gets goosebumps, because of the joy and excitement when playing. From both PC, console to mobile, this game has made a legend. Let’s see what’s so enticing.

Grand Theft Auto V APKb

Introducing GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto DRAW

Being a bad guy also needs “passion”!

NameGrand Theft Auto DRAW
PublisherRockstar Games


Grand Theft Auto V opens with a bank robbery. The spectacular chase between the bandit (you) and the police squad begins. You rush into the car, then dodge things to escape the sight of the police. And no matter how much you resist, this prologue eventually ends with you falling to someone’s shot, snow falling.

The scene of Michael Townley’s funeral, which you know for sure is fake because the character you’re playing is still alive, lurking around secretly outside the cemetery door. 

Let’s talk a little bit so that we can understand more about the first bank robbery. The story is that the main character Michael has an adulterous wife. During one of the murders, Michael and his boatmate Franklin “accidentally” blew up a large house where the enemy was hiding. Who would have thought that this was the home of a formidable Mafia boss.

Reluctant trio Franklin, a young man with many tricks – Michael, the madman who is repressing his past rage and forcing himself to go on a rampage – Trevor, the lone survivor of a robbery old banking. All three together, each with a specific purpose, but the common goal is to rob a bank. Like Michael is to repay the tycoon, Trevor is to get capital to trade white goods on a larger scale, Franklin is to make a shot of a lifetime to enjoy. 

That’s how the story of part V begins. And also the reason why a series of bizarre events happened in a row that made Michael unable to stop being the bad guy. 

Roughly Grand Theft Auto V begins in such a Hollywood-filled way. Causing players to hold their hearts and gasp, because they’re too high, even when the tải gta 5 hasn’t really started. 


When playing, you can choose one of 3 characters to play as Franklin, Michael, or Trevor. In each mission, depending on the initial chosen role, the player’s role can be different, depending on the strengths and madness of each person. Franklin is the youngest of the group, talented but not as mature and crazy as the two old associates. Trevor, with the mentality of a survivor of many previous bloody clashes, is the most insane, able to do anything to satisfy his anger. Michael, also the main character, has a complicated life story, many struggles, often like the leader of the group but sometimes makes very emotional decisions, related to his dark past. 

Progress for each mission in the game usually goes in the following direction: Accept the mission, scout the situation, choose how to attack. The more you risk, the more rewards you get. And not just bombardment. What makes Grand Theft Auto V’s brand is the famous racing and vehicle robbery. And to serve this purpose, the street is always full of cars. From messy like beautiful cars, motorbikes, to heavy vehicles like racing cars, Limo, helicopters. Ready to welcome the bandits to play.

Weapons are also something worth mentioning in this classy game. The character’s arsenal is readily available under the pretext that Trevor is a first-class weapons dealer, so it is extremely rich: pistols, rifles, 6-barreled guns, magazines, silencers are all available. Just waiting to collect money to buy it and have it ready to use. 

Mention money. Like every member of the mafia underworld. Every major objective of the game revolves around Money. Money is always everything, is the driving force that brings all three characters together and walks proudly on the path of evil. Money is obtained from evil missions, big and small robberies. Money can buy companies, make investments, and sway the stock market. And money is sometimes used to pay off an ancient debt.

The list of crazy, dangerous quests cannot be taken lightly

Those of you who have played on PC some of the previous games of Grand Theft Auto, you probably know, the previous mission was just robbing cars and stealing things. But coming to this part… From the beginning of the story, you have entered a bank robbery of such magnitude that you have to fake your own death to deceive the police. After that, after going through the levels, there are many more interesting things like doing underwater missions, stealing cars by the side of the road and then crashing into a garage, pounding people like meals. 

To a higher level, there is a task to take revenge on the gang, win the area, win the drug sale, burn the enemy’s house… As a genuine gangster, there’s nothing to do, anything that’s not dangerous doesn’t come. your turn. So make sure to play the blood game from start to finish, until the last minute (if you’re lucky).

The scope of action of “Villain” Michael this time is also much wider, covering the city of San Andreas (inspired by Los Angeles in reality). Open world, free to act, interact with every NPC character you meet on the way. So when playing, like, you just follow the plot, do everything to complete the task. If you don’t like it, you can do any cat game on the road like stealing a car, sometimes it’s difficult to point a big gun at a certain passerby to scare you for fun, and at leisure, just drive around. Watching the streets to relax your mind… Whatever you want to do, from big to small things, it brings a feeling of overwhelming excitement. That is the key to the success of Grand Theft Auto V.

Graphics and sound

Honestly, if you love action games, you must play tải gta 5 otherwise it will take almost a lifetime. Of all the gangster games I’ve played, Grand Theft Auto V is the most “radiant” name, both literally and figuratively. Gameplay, attractive, complex continuously evolving story can drag you to slip away all day long or not. Literally radiant because the scene in the tải gta 5 is always so beautiful, especially the sunsets and rainstorms. There has never been a game that has just played a bad guy, shot and hit, life is not a moment without waves, but there are so many minutes of leisurely watching the scenery like this.

The sound is detailed to every sound. Sometimes the loud footsteps, the shouting, the loud gunshots, it’s so clear that it’s as if you can touch the sound. The whole process of defecting, then rushing to the Gypsy, fighting to do all the bad things of the character in the game are depicted delicately to every cell.

How to install Grand Theft Auto V APK + DATA

Note, this is a DATA file, not an OBB.

The game may not work on some devices.

  1. You need to extract the file “”, then copy the folder “com.rockstargames.gtasa” to the folder “Android/data”.
  2. Install the APK file to play.

Download Grand Theft Auto V APK for Android

After all, my conclusion after playing this action-packed tải gta 5 is: everything must be done with passion and motivation, even being the bad guy, being the final boss of all the crimes in this world. . Like the three brothers and sisters in the game, money, anger, self-affirmation, revenge, and the color of Gypsy are available in people. Just follow them with passion and you’ll have enough of an epic bad guy game.

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