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Granny MOD APK (Immortal) v1.7.9

If you complain because you have to stay at home all day, you should feel lucky because you are not the main character in this game. Granny MOD APK (God Mode) is a famous horror game that is very popular on the two Google Play and Appstore stores, released by DVloper.

Granny MOD APK b

Granny game introduction

The game will give you an unprecedented feeling of suffocation, suspense and immersion. Believe me! I’m still shaking as I write this review. As soon as you open the game, you will receive an unhappy greeting: “Welcome to Granny”.

Granny is glad you’re here

In this game, you – the main character in the game wake up and find yourself locked in a mysterious house. You learn that in this house there is an old mentally ill woman named Granny, she is blind but she can hear everything. As long as you drop a hair on the floor, she can hear it and run to kill you. Your task is to go get the necessary items to open the door to escape from this house, but in the meantime you must be absolutely careful and don’t forget: be SILENT. You only have five days.

Some tips when playing

In the first scene, you will be in a room in Granny’s house. Before opening the door, you should find the key on the table or in the drawer, if there is, get it before leaving the room.

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The second scene is the one where you exit the room in the first scene, which requires you to open a door that is secured with a code.

The third scene, you will go back to the house and find the necessary items such as keys, pliers, hammer… and even the code of the door. Look everywhere you can in this house.

The fourth scene is that you have to use the items you find to escape the house.

Do not foolishly run when Granny finds out, you should find a safe hiding place under the bed or in the closet to temporarily avoid her because she runs much faster than you. In recent versions, the game creates more and more complex puzzles. You have to really make an effort to find the key or something hidden in this house, not as simple as before. Occasionally, you may have to turn on the radio or music to distract her. There are many mysteries to uncover and many fun things to do in this game, it all depends on your creativity.

Run away or get eaten

This game is very difficult but it is not impossible for you to pass. Many players have overcome the challenge of this game, so the publisher is constantly updating with new maps and new challenges to attract players. Hopefully in the coming versions, Granny will have an Online mode so that players can explore this mysterious house with their friends.

Horror style graphics and sound

The game’s graphics are very realistic, combined with a first-person perspective that makes your fear even more multiplied. Granny is designed to resemble zombies, not too scary, but her appearance will surprise you more than once. The sound in the game is very quiet, the most prominent is your breathing or footsteps, Granny’s ghost voice. You should wear headphones to experience this game in the most perfect way. Death is depicted metaphorically, when killed by her, your screen will darken and have blood splatter. You should not let children play this game because of its scary and horror.

Granny’s MOD APK version

Features MOD

God Mode: If you don’t want to be eaten while exploring the house, use the MOD version.

Download Granny MOD APK for Android

This game is really not for the faint of heart. Don’t play it alone at night, you will regret it!

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