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Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Seeds) v1.53.46

For a long time, farm management games have always won a lot of love from players. With gentle gameplay, peaceful country colors, farm games are very suitable for entertainment after a tiring day of studying and working. And one of them is the game Hay Day, a fun farm game released by Supercell.

Hay Day MOD APK b

About Hay Day

This game was officially announced in 2012, after five years of development, Hay Day now supports both iOS and Android platforms to help players easily download and participate in one of the hot farm games. best in the world at the moment.

NameHay Day
Package Namecom.supercell.hayday
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money/Seeds
RequestAndroid 4.1

Fun gameplay

As a farm tải hay day, of course you will be transformed into a real farmer in Hay Day, where the farmer’s daily tasks will be simulated, so you can perform and earn a lot. as much money as possible. Starting to enter Hay Day, you will be the owner of a small farm with some rudimentary houses, fields, and barns. Start farming right away with some of the available seeds that Hay Day has to offer. Sow the seeds, water them until your plants bear fruit. At that time, you can harvest and sell agricultural products in the warehouse to have a lot of money, through which you can buy more expensive crops and items.

When harvesting crops on the farm, you will gain some experience points. When you have enough experience, you will be leveled up, thereby unlocking more items, plants and many other extremely interesting features. There are countless types of plant seeds and animals for you to choose from that will appear on your farm.

There is a special point in Hay Day that is extremely interesting, which is the life cycle of the tree. Some plants are harvested 3 times later, it will wilt. You won’t be able to do anything but leave a \’\’Help\’\’ board and wait for your neighbors to come over to water. If “saved”, your plant will be harvested 3 more times until it completely withers and you have to destroy it to grow new plants.

Not only plants

In addition to plants, pets are also one of the special factors that help Hay Day have a large number of players. There are many pets for you to take care of, these pets have cute shapes typical for farm games such as cows, chickens, goats, pigs, etc. In particular, Hay Day also has 2 pets, Dog and Cats give you a huge amount of experience and extremely attractive items. To raise these 2 pets, you need to buy a house for them and feed them regularly.

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Trade and trade

More specifically, you also own a port that is unlocked when you reach level 17. Here, you can use your ship to ship goods around the world. You have to use up to 16000 coins and it takes more than a day to fix the harbor. You have to wait 4 hours for the ship to return to the dock to bring you new Shipments. If necessary, use 5 diamonds to ship back immediately. When unlocking the harbor, you also get an extremely interesting function in Hay Day that is fishing. Here you will have a house by the lake, a table to help you craft bait, a bait box, a fishing boat, old fisherman (looks like a pirate), and all The final course is a large lake. Follow Hay Day’s instructions to catch the best fish on the farm.

Other features

Besides, you can spin the lucky wheel every day when participating in Hay Day. Click on the car parked in front of your farm every morning to spin the wheel of fortune. Unlock Tom at level 14 for a chance to own unique items and Vouchers. However, if you want to use it, you have to use 15 diamonds a day to hire Tom after 3 days of trial. Remember to check your mailbox every day to see if there is a Gift card in the envelope. In addition, watching ads can also help you earn quite a lot of Diamonds.

Once at level 7, you can unlock the Roadise Shop. This will be a small stall to help you sell the items you own. All players around the world who visit your farm can view and buy if they need it.

Feel free to exchange, make friends, chat with the Hay Day community around the world. Stealing agricultural products or helping neighbors in taking care of crops, all will be in Hay Day.

Fun graphics

Hay Day has 3D graphics in a simulated farm style. The game has bright, eye-catching colors with extremely cute houses, trees and pets, bringing a sense of light entertainment to players. Besides, the background music system is gentle and deep, very suitable for the gameplay of Hay Day. If you are a fan of farm simulation games, Hay Day will definitely bring a sense of satisfaction and comfort to you.

Hay Day’s MOD APK version

Features MOD

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Seeds


The MOD version is old and may not work.

Download Hay Day MOD APK for Android

Hay Day is a farm game that has reached a record in the number of players with up to 20 million players worldwide. The game supports both Android and iOS platforms, you can download Hay Day game to your device to experience the attractive farm game through the link below.

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