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Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK 

Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.48.2

Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the sequel to the success of the extremely attractive hilltop terrain racing game. In general, its gameplay is similar to its predecessor. But the elements are new, attractive and the controls and graphics are greatly improved.

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Introducing Hill Climb Racing 2

NameHill Climb Racing 2
Package Namecom.fingersoft.hcr2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 4.4

The guy who is passionate about off-road racing Newton Bill is back in this game. You will continue to accompany him in his journey to conquer the highest hills, challenge the whole world Hill Climb Racing 2.

The gameplay inherits the predecessor version

Its basic gameplay is almost identical to Hill Climb Racing : You control a vehicle driven by the character Newton Bill or Jill running along a bumpy hill.

You only have 2 control pedals, acceleration and braking, and you must use a combination of these two pedals to get over the giant roots, skillfully downhill to avoid rolling over, overcome obstacles in the different environment. Don’t forget to collect coins scattered along the way.

New game mode unlocks new content

Hill Climb Racing 2 still includes an “Adventure” game mode that allows you to drive non-stop until you have a problem or run out of fuel. But the point worth mentioning in the game is the new racing mode “Cups” that allows you to participate in short races with other players.

Through winning Cups and increasing your rank, you will unlock new environments and new vehicles. The number of vehicles in this game is now only 5, instead of 29 in the original game. Of course, the other 29 cars were added continuously during the game’s 3-year update process. And I also hope that many new cars will be added to Hill Climb Racing 2.

Each car has their own unique characteristics. The jeep starts slowly but steady, the scooter is light and often in the air, the super jeep is extremely fast. Mastering a vehicle’s characteristics not only prepares you for the next one, but also opens you up to new challenges on the track to upgrade its attributes.

This game is also more diverse in terms of environments. If in the first part, you could only go uphill and downhill in the valley, now you can cross hills, plains, ferry bridges…with dozens of obstacles ready to make it difficult for you.

Some notes when upgrading cars

After playing this game for a week, I have learned that it is not allowed to buy a new car when you cannot upgrade it. Some players focus on upgrading, others prefer to use money to buy new cars. However, you need to know that an old car with upgraded equipment to level 20 is much better than a new car that has not been upgraded. The price per upgrade of a vehicle is directly proportional to the value of that vehicle, so I think upgrading your first jeep is enough to win the first few laps while also saving you money. save money to buy a premium car.

Each car has a number of free upgrades. When the upgrade button shows the word FREE in yellow, you can tap it and get a free upgrade after watching a promotional video. There are three ways you can earn money in the game. One is to collect coins along the way, the other is that you can use the cash to buy them. Or the simplest way is to use our Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD.

Fresh and diverse graphics

Although still only building games on 2D graphics, Fingersoft has improved a lot in its graphics. Brighter colors, a variety of environments, fire effects, and the laws of physics combine to create a great entertaining game.

The MOD version of Hill Climb Racing 2

Features MOD

Unlimited Money : Diamonds will increase when you use them. You can purchase some in-app items for free.

Why can’t I see unlimited coins even though I have the MOD installed?

Note, the money will increase when you use it, such as upgrading a car or buying a new car.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK for Android

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an almost perfect game, it solves and improves on all the problems of the first version. Even with dozens of similar games, Fingersoft’s product still asserts itself. A fun game, nice graphic design, a progressive game model, all for free.

Newton Bill will not stop until he has conquered all the highest hills in the world. And you should help him achieve this through the game’s diverse mission system. Believe me, you will have to spend hours and hours immersed in this off-road driving game and show off your driving skills. And of course, you will be satisfied with this racing game, just like any other fun racing enthusiast.

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