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Human: Fall Flat APK v1.9

Human: Fall Flat APK is an extremely fun puzzle game of the publisher 505 Games. The game is very popular on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PS4, now officially launched for Android version.

Human Fall Flat APKb

Introducing Human: Fall Flat

First appeared in 2016, this game quickly attracted a large number of players around the world, especially famous players on Youtube like Pewdiepie. Your task in this game is to control the guy Bob to go from point A to point B. It sounds simple, but you will find it difficult right from the first step.

NameHuman: Fall Flat
Package Namecom.and.games505.humanfallflat
Publisher505 Games Srl
PriceFREE $4.99
RequestAndroid 5.0

Solve puzzles in a clumsy way

In essence, Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game combined with extremely interesting physics rules. There are no enemies or scary monsters, your task is to control Bob to move from the starting position to the secret gate. The game gives you a whole new approach. Instead of incorporating mysterious stories or challenging puzzles, this game asks you to solve simple requests in a clumsy and cute way.

Although the main character has a human form, they move unsteadily like a drunkard. The moves are clumsy and funny, so mastering the moves is also the first important thing that you need to learn when playing this game.

There are no hints or rules, you are free to do whatever you want in this game. Your ultimate goal is to traverse areas to find secret portals, through which new maps are opened. The character in the game has hands like Spiderman’s, ie can stick to many things. You can use it to climb to higher positions or lift objects around.

Fun scene physics game

How To Download Human Fall Flat APK App For Android?

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How To Install Human Fall Flat APK App For Android?

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Each level follows a certain theme, and it is divided into many small areas with sub-themes. The objects in the game are quite messy and have no purpose at all. You need to learn and learn how to use them to pass.

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Your main goal is to get from point A to point B, but the process you move has many interesting things waiting for you. Sometimes, you will be locked in a room with only one wooden crate. Use it to break doors or make ladders to climb over walls. The interesting thing is that the way to solve puzzles is very diverse, not tied to a certain pattern. A puzzle can be solved in many different ways, it all depends on the creativity of the player.

4-player co-op mode

Playing alone is fun, playing with friends is even more fun. The game allows up to four players in a match. In co-op mode, you can play with friends to solve Human: Fall Flat puzzles. Sometimes it feels like the puzzles are designed for multiplayer instead of single player. There are many people, you will have many new solutions that you have never thought of before. Whether it succeeds or fails, getting your friends through the tough times and embarking on this fun adventure together is more than enough for a weekend.

Change character’s appearance

Human: Fall Flat gives you a lot of looks to change for the character. It can be cartoon characters, superheroes or other fun shapes. You can turn Bob into a pirate, Santa Claus or Ben 10.

While there are a lot of funky skins out there, it doesn’t seem like too many players are excited about this feature. The skins just give you a bit of excitement with the new visual experience, but don’t affect the gameplay or give you special skills.

Abstract 3D graphics

Human: Fall Flat’s 3D graphics are made in a simple and abstract way, like an unfinished game. It is worth mentioning here that the rules of physics are extremely impressive and you have never seen in any game. “The world may be virtual, but the laws of physics are real.” That’s what the game introduces.

The interface of the game is also very simple, including a virtual joystick and two virtual keys that help you control the character’s two hands. The character Bob moves like a child or like a drunkard. Sometimes you have to keep clinging to the wall and it’s very hard to keep him steady. This can be frustrating, but it can also make you laugh out loud at times.

Download Human: Fall Flat APK for Android

Overall, it can be said that Human: Fall Flat is the most unique puzzle game I have ever known. The relaxation that this game brings is endless. You can play it with your friends on holidays or weekends. Explore the game’s tricky puzzles together and help Bob realize his dream. Remember, exploration and creativity are the keys to winning this game!

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