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Incredibox is a game that allows you to create music in a fun and unique way. The game costs $4.99, you can download it for free on TOPAPKAPP

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Introducing Incredibox

What is incredibox apk

On YouTube, if you search for the keyword “Incredibox”, you easily get some results that are some music with tens of millions of views. So, what is Incredibox? This is a music game by So Far So Good, a French publisher. Initially, the game was posted on the website in 2011. Then, versions for Android and iOS were also released a few years ago.

Package Namecom.sofarsogood.incredibox
PublisherSo Far So Good
PriceFREE $4.99

Incredibox is one of the simple ways for you to create your own music. In the game, you create music by dragging and dropping icons onto the beatboxers at the top of the screen.

How does incredibox apk play?

incredibox apk allows you to create unique beat box tracks just by dragging and dropping icons. The game offers you a beat boxer team of 8 members. Select the icons below the screen and drop into any beat boxer. They will play a melody on repeat. By flexibly combining tunes, you create a unique piece of music. If you want to remove a tune, tap on the beat boxer and remove it. A beat boxer without a tune will take his place.

Completing a song will help you unlock more new melodies and styles to give your song more variety. You should try all the tunes to find one that suits the song you’re writing. Besides, the game also gives you some new costumes for the character. Incredi box also allows you to remix popular songs. You can try!

Choose your music style

Currently, the game has 8 music styles for you to choose from. Do you prefer modern, classic or Latin American style. Here is information about 8 musical styles of Incredibox:

  • Alpha: The first musical version of the Flash game. Unleash your creativity based on the game’s unique tunes.
  • Little Miss: This theme is inspired by Hip Hop music. Prizes for this theme include Satisfield, Little Miss, and Why This World.
  • Sunrise: Inspired by Pop music. Rewards include Lil’ Child, Dance, and Sunrise.
  • The Love: Inspired by French House music. Rewards include Baby, Follow, and Eagle.
  • Brazil: Brazilian Music. Rewards include Felicidade, Chegou, and Musica.
  • Alive: Inspired by the Japanese music scene. Bonuses for this theme include Alive, Busta, and VR.
  • Jeevan: Inspired by Indian music. This theme’s rewards include Kofitez, Sapna, and Kabikabi.
  • Dystopia: Inspired by Cyberpunk culture. The only reward is the Riviera.

Share your music with everyone

incredibox apk creates a music social network where players can post their mixes to it. Based on the number of likes and views, that song could make the top 50 of the game’s hit songs. Below the song title includes information about the author and their country. Everyone can see and enjoy your song when they visit Playlist. In addition, you can also save your music videos and upload it to YouTube or popular social networks like Facebook, Tik Tok. There have been many songs of Incredibox that have owned up to 10 million views on YouTube. Do you want to break this record with your musical talent?

Download the game Incredibox APK for free for Android

Music is an integral part of life. It makes our lives more colorful and emotional. Besides, music can also connect souls between people, regardless of skin color, language or gender. Incredibox is a beatbox app that helps you create your own unique tracks. This game is easy to play, regardless of age. A lot of hits are created thanks to Incredibox. On YouTube and social networks, these songs have a viewership that is not inferior to popular songs.

The game gives you a unique musical and visual experience. Currently, it is used by many schools around the world as a music teaching tool. You can also use this game to teach your kids how to make a piece of music, stimulating their creativity.

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