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Iron Marines MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.7.11

Iron Marines MOD APK is a real-time tactical action game, which is very popular with today’s mobile strategy game addicts. In the game, you will control the mighty iron armor “masters” to protect the earth and humanity.

Iron Marines MOD APK b

About Iron Marines

When the iron warrior shoots, the aliens also suffer!

Although the plot is not the main focus, it is quite interesting

NameIron Marines
PublisherIronhide Games
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
PriceFREE $2.99
RequestAndroid 5.0
Play without internet

Entering the game you will hear about the plot and relationships of the main characters. Iron Marines opens a scene when the mines of the human colony are attacked by aggressive planetary creatures. Humanity has only one option, which is to use iron fighting machines to fight the enemy siege. This special army model will include generals and soldiers that go out in each battle. And your task is to control these generals in battle.

After this narrative, the game will begin. Choose the level that is right for you, self-assess so that everything is not too much, too difficult will discourage, too easy will quickly get bored. The game gives you 4 levels to choose from: Casual, Normal, Veteran and Impossible.

How To Download Iron Marines MOD APK App For Android?

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How To Install Iron Marines MOD APK App For Android?

it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

This method tells you how to install and crack Android games with MOD (Modified Apk with Obb file)

  • Download the Rar file to your Android device.
  • Extract the apk.rar and obb.rar files to your SDCARD. (using a pull app)
  • In the mobile device menu, select > Settings > Applications > Unknown sources (must be enabled)
  • Uninstall the original version of Game App Data Market on your Android device
  • Move the unzipped folder (with the Obb file) to the location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB or /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (if there is no obb folder, create a new one named obb on the telephone)
  • Move the Mod Apk file to location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (using Es file manager)
  • Install Modified Apk File and Play

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Let’s go to war, armored army

Next you will ask for soldiers for your army, just touch the soldier icon available on the screen and then move the soldiers to the location where they need to be stationed. Your army has the advantage of automatically attacking when it detects an enemy, but keep in mind that it is only within the attack range. And out there, you have to recognize and direct your troops to the right place to fight.

In Iron Marines, your biggest task is to move to the area of ​​​​the base occupied by the enemy without being detected along the way. And of course, when you reach the base, you must both defend and fight against the stormy attacks of the enemy.

Interesting gameplay is what “makes money” for Iron Marines

Gameplay in Iron Marines is not so difficult as what we have experienced in real-time tactical action games. You need to focus on controlling your champions. The operation is simply to touch the champion and drag to the place to move, and go. But not everything goes so smoothly, enemies are everywhere and they can destroy your modest army at any time.

During the battle, if there is a time when the general feels too tired, if he wants to restore his health, he must find a safe and discreet place to wait. And you must know that such a corner in a black and red battlefield is not easy to find.

The later the more enemies, the faster the attack speed, and even some of them risked their lives, rushing forward like a suicide bomb. Usually, fighting games will show the strength of the opponent so that the player knows the route. But in Iron Marines, the stats will show up when you’ve actually taken the first hit. Maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s just in time. In general, it depends on your ability and fighting ability.

If you have it, you have to get it back, delicious gold coins, items, and upgrades are waiting ahead

Along the way corresponding to each completed mission, you will be unlocked by the system for important “generals”. This is the character that you will directly control in each match (Hero Unlock). 

You already have a general, if you have a soldier, you must have a weapon. The Equip Power will open in turn, you can use money, use loot to exchange for these special weapons. And of course, this is a strategy game like any other strategy game, so you don’t have to have anything or want to just get it. You must balance, carefully consider the amount of gold you have, the complexity of the battle and the future plans to decide whether to buy or not to buy an attractive item found on the road.

In each mission, we will also have different small challenges. And when you complete the challenge, you will receive Claim Rewards. These rewards when enough will give you a new upgrade in a valuable weapon or skill.

The graphics of Iron Marines “have” 3 parts, the sound “has” to 10 parts 

This action strategy game has a classic form, but the graphics are quite unique. Neither the shiny 3D nor the usual boring 2D, everything in Iron Marines is built in a comic style. But the paradox is that on this colorful animated background, the scene is full of threats, monstrous enemies sometimes make us bewildered. Every other detail in each game scene is extremely simplified so that you can really focus on the strategy part.

And the new sound is the “flip-up game” that no one expected. Iron Marines uses room-loving music as the background, bro. I almost flipped out of my chair when the first notes of the match rang out. It sounds weird and doesn’t match at all, but strangely, this combination makes me excited and new. The type of brother who often watches horror movies, there are some serial killers who turn on melodious music every time they shoot to enjoy the feeling of death. Yes, it’s like that.

Iron Marines MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlimited Money

Download Iron Marines MOD APK for Android

Roughly a “yes” game. Download here and play, what are you waiting for?

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