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Kunoichi Tsubaki APK v1.1.0

Kunoichi Tsubaki APK Viet Hoa – the famous role-playing game on Steam has long been officially available for Android. This game is published by Triangle, a not so famous unit. Coming to the game, you will experience an unprecedented role-playing gameplay. A role-playing game where you both want to win and you want to be defeated.

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About Kunoichi Tsubaki

NameKunoichi Tsubaki
RequestAndroid 4.1


You come to a mysterious world, a place where warlords rule and wreak havoc on people’s lives. They bring forth monsters that can gnaw at the evil thoughts of people. The people here were angry but they couldn’t resist those lords.

And then the heroes appeared to save this place. Those are the heroes who have been hiding in the dark for so long, the leader is a beautiful girl. You will play the role of that Ninja girl and take on a noble task, which is to chase away the lords and their factions.

Role-playing gameplay

The gameplay in the game is developed in the direction of role-playing quite simply. You will play the role of a beautiful female Ninja. You will send your character to fight monsters and other enemies. After each fight, you need to upgrade her strength and skills.

If you win the matches, you will get valuable rewards. On the contrary, if you are defeated by the enemy, you will be punished by them. You wonder how they will punish? With a beautiful girl, what will they do to her? Please experience the game directly to enjoy!

Images and sounds

Game Kunoichi Tsubaki was only developed with quite simple 2D graphics. However, players still love this game thanks to its impressive visual style. 2D is the graphic quality of the overall game, and the characters in the game are shaped in 3D, so the game looks quite eye-catching. In addition, the voiceover system for the characters’ lines is quite realistic.

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Kunoichi Tsubaki APK Vietnameseization


  • Ported for Android for free
  • The language is Vietnameseized

Download game Kunoichi Tsubaki APK Vietnamese Chemistry

With Kunoichi Tsubaki APK Vietnamese Chemistry, you can experience this cult game with extremely interesting Vietnamese language. You will enjoy the entire plot and understand the dialogue between the characters. The link to download the game is ready at the bottom, you just need to click to download it now!

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