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Lien Quan Mobile is a MOBA game officially adapted from League of Legends officially released by Garena in Vietnam on Android and iOS platforms.

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With similar tactical gameplay and not much change compared to League of Legends, Lien Quan soon gained traction and the proof is that this game is extremely successful and maintains its rank on Google Play store and Google Play Store. Appstore, even though it was launched, has been around for almost a year.

NameArena of valor
PublisherGarena Mobile Private
MOD FeaturesIs not
RequestAndroid 4.1

Development history

Lien Quan Mobile has the original name of Royal Glory, developed by Tencent, later licensed by publishers to be released in many countries around the world such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, etc. and also Vietnam. In Vietnam, the game officially opened in November 2016.

Style play

The gameplay is not much different from League of Legends, specifically, after downloading the game Lien Quan Mobile, you will be involved in 5 vs 5 battles in which each team member will choose. (pick) a champion that suits his forte and position. 2 teams will defend their main tower, with the map divided by a large forest. The task of the whole team when entering the game will be to try to destroy your team’s main tower, then the battle will end and the team that destroys your team’s main tower first will win.


The gameplay of the game requires tactics and good coordination between team members. Normally, players will split into 3 attack directions, including 1 jungler to exploit resources and bring experience points and gold for themselves and the team; and the other members eat minions and push turrets to get close to your team’s main house. If you gain a lot of experience points, you will level up (from 1 to 15) and the stats also increase, the higher the stats, the stronger the champion and the easier it is to fight other champions. Gold is also very important, helping you to have money to buy power-enhancing items, for gold you can fight minions, finish other players and eat jungle monsters.

In addition to the main game mode 5 vs 5, the game also has a number of other modes such as PVP, 3 vs 3, hook fight, life and death match, training match with machine and challenge friends.

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Diverse champion system

The game has a diverse number of generals, and is constantly updated, belonging to 1 of 6 types of generals including:

  • Gunner: Has great hand damage, high attack speed but low health. Usually fights from a distance.
  • Assassin: Has high damage, good mobility but low health. Usually used in the jungle.
  • Gladiator: Has medium health and damage, often goes solo in King Kong.
  • Assistant: Usually assists other teammates in teamfights
  • Blocker: Has high health, buffalo armor and control skills. Usually protects the Gunner.
  • Mage: Usually mid lane, poor mobility and low health, but has a very annoying damage system.


In the ranking mode (Rank), players will participate in 5 vs 5 matches with the goal of winning to get promoted. Each win will increase 1 star, each loss deduct 1 star. When you reach enough stars, you will be promoted. Starting from Bronze V -> Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. The players with the highest rank will become the Challenger.

At the end of each season, you will receive rewards such as champions, gold, skins depending on your position.


The graphics of the game are quite similar to League of Legends. It’s beautiful 3D graphics along with 3 quality levels for players to customize depending on their phone configuration. The game is constantly updated to ensure smoothness and avoid lag when playing.

The control system is designed quite scientifically with the navigation bar (Move) placed in the lower left corner, and the skill keys on the right. The upper left corner of the screen will show the map and other information placed in the upper right corner.

The generals in the game are made extremely beautiful with extremely vivid effects. In addition, you can also buy skins that change the look of your favorite champion.

Should I play League of Legends or not?

In general, Lien Quan Mobile is like a miniature version of LOL, with full features and although there have been many mobile games imitating League of Legends, only when Lien Quan Mobile was released, we could experience a new version of the game. true LOL Mobile game.

The game regularly features professional tournaments with teams from all over the country competing in and out of Vietnam. If you are a lover of MOBA games like League of Legends, for example, do not hesitate to try to download the game Lien Quan to your device and try it out, the download link for Android is below. I believe you will be addicted to this game to see.

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