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Macrorify APK is the most trusted auto click application on Android. Because in addition to the ability to automatically click strongly, accurately, and to comply with the initial settings from the user, Macrorify also has many useful extra features.

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Introducing Macrorify

Auto click application is strong, accurate and also has a series of harmful side features

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What is auto click application?

These are software / applications that bring the ability to automatically perform a certain action on mobile. People often use auto-click applications to play games, specifically role-playing games like plowing and climbing rank such as killing dungeon monsters, farming, mining… Or any repetitive manipulations. over and over again in a certain time and make you bored. At this point you will need a powerful auto click application to be able to do this job for you. Similar to a robot that is programmed automatically. After installing everything, just “release” to let the autoclick “robot” run and work on its own.

One of the most effective, quality and accurate auto click applications available today on the Android operating system is Macrorify. In addition to the ability to self-click, Macrorify also has many other unexpected uses, they support each other to create a lot of convenience for users.

Accurately record and playback actions

You don’t think it’s a problem to do the same thing on mobile again. But that will be a huge problem if you are required to repeat a sequence of 5-10 actions. You will be confused, and now an application like Macrorify will be extremely effective.

I temporarily call such a series of operations a combo. When you perform a combo and open Macrorify, the application will automatically record the order of operations, in the correct sequence and time interval, and play back exactly the same. Helps you to always preserve the order and accuracy of complex action combos.

They can be any action: click, tap, hold, double tap, swipe left and right, swipe with two fingers, drag, drop, pinch, zoom… Whether individual actions or combinations together, in many ways, doesn’t make it difficult for Macrorify.

Especially in this ability to automatically record and playback Macrorify, after the application has saved as a combo series, you can freely view, edit, mix small elements, change the order operations, adjust speed, pause, sequence of components. Or even set to run random operations as long as all the operations are listed in the list.

If you’re looking to track down a password you’ve forgotten, this recording, mixing, and randomization feature is a treasure trove.

Image Detection feature

In addition to the ability to auto-macro to record operations with unlimited number and frequency, in order, Macrorify is also strong in Image Detection. It can be said that this is the biggest difference of Macrorify compared to other auto click applications. You will open the Macrorify application, click on a photo to identify. Then open the app to search. Macrorify will help you detect multiple images with the same detail as the original and form a series of different shapes that create a complex and homogenous whole.

Text Recognition feature (text recognition)

The Text Recognition feature in Macrorify is equally powerful. You can use Macrorify to recognize words. This feature works on the same principle as Find Shapes. Basically, Macrorify “treats” the search word like an image. And will automatically detect on your phone all the documents with that word, paragraph, then display on the screen with a quote link so you can go to the place to get the file and perform any further operations. which work.

Good minimalist interface and respectable compatibility

These three outstanding features are still not enough to make Macrorify’s current name. To highlight its difference with other auto click applications, Macrorify is equipped with an intuitive interface layout, easy to understand, anyone can access, the time to get acquainted and learn is the lowest.

The operations that need to be recorded and played back can also be performed smoothly and quickly on the interface screen. The two features Image detection and Text detection are similar. In addition, Macrorify also allows users to customize their own interface to be more inspired when using the app.

Macrorify also has extensive compatibility. In particular, it can be said that at present, Macrorify is the only auto click application that works well and smoothly without having to ROOT the phone. The app works fine from Android Kitkat (4.4) onwards and even in Android emulators. This is a huge potential, making Macrorify not only a useful utility for Android users but also other operating systems.

You can even code on Macrorify on the EMScript platform. And if you are still not satisfied with what you can do or create yourself, you can freely search in the Macro Store which is also built into the application. This is where you can upload cool macros from other users or upload your unique macros and collect rewards from the makers.

Download Macrorify APK for Android

For many people, macros may still be unfamiliar. But for people with special needs or mobile gamers, macro is a fascinating world, thanks to which you can do a lot of extraordinary things in the game. We invite you to explore that world with Macrorify.

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