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Marvel fans will scour all the publications related to the Marvel universe. Or if you’re not a fan, but with the most frequent hero appearances ever in all hero games, now is the time for you to click download MARVEL Future Revolution APK to play.

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Introducing MARVEL Future Revolution

The heroic landing and the war between the timelines!

NameMARVEL Future Revolution
Package Namecom.netmarble.marvelfr
CategoryRole Playing
RequestAndroid 6.0

How To Download MARVEL Future Revolution APK For Android?

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How To Install MARVEL Future Revolution APK App For Android?

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At some point in the distant future, a strange planet is predicted to be about to collide with Earth. There’s only one way: activate a special explosive system to destroy the entire planet before it actually hits the atmosphere. 

The person carrying out this responsibility is Dr. Hank Pym. But in a small mistake, the short, evil goblins, always smiling, sneaked into the research room to steal the extremely powerful and rare energy needed for the whole secret system. some unknown evil.

Humans have no choice but to rely on the help of superheroes, one by one, all the big names appear: Star Lord, Black Windows, Rocket Raccoon, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider Man or Captain Marvel. This brotherhood will take turns not only bringing the goblins back to heaven, but also regaining that huge energy source. In the end, Dr. Hank Pym successfully activated the system and fired a beam of tremendous energy directly at the slowly approaching planet.

What happened after that was interrupted. Cutscene rewinds to the story of a few months ago, when the superheroes received a message (of their own) from the future, with the message “Be careful because some dark force will appear and destroy all “.

The past version superheroes, after reading the message, were transported by Doctor Stranger in time to a large research center, where Iron Man is collaborating with Dr. Hank Pym to research and create out the Ultron robots.

Superheroes begin a new journey, observing, searching for information, connecting facts to finally find the true clues about the dark forces, through memories from different time lines. . And a little disclosure to you is that it is closely related to the strange planet that is rushing towards Earth at that time. 

MARVEL Future Revolution landed a huge Marvel hero

Next, MARVEL Future Revolution is both something to play and to behold. It has a perfect story line, multi-threaded progression, and is constantly evolving as it follows each hero into the big battle. 

Finally, playing MARVEL Future Revolution, you will transform into a truly super hero, on a very different level from the teenage heroes you know in a certain game. As you play, you’ll be able to fight with a variety of skills just like in the movies, and much more as you gradually upgrade and explore the depth of your chosen character. And no matter who you choose, their entire arsenal of weapons, equipment, and outfits is overwhelming.

In the game, you can choose to transform into one of the following Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider Man, Star-Lord, Storm, Doctor Stranger, Black Widow and Iron Man and start the war in both the present and the journey. persistent process that finds clues in the old timeline. 

As for the villain, you think it’s the ugly goblins. Sorry, they are just pawns on the chessboard, an excuse for you to practice your fists before you really enter a difficult period. In this game, the last villain has not yet appeared, but you have to slowly learn, connect the hints and stories from this NPC to that NPC, and then finally he slowly reveals his mask. 

Heroes upgrade continuously

To get to the end of the game, you will have to use all your skills and weapons to “pass” the big and small confrontations, kill enough monsters for the new boss to appear, and must eliminate the boss. Just passed the next mission. 

Each time it is successful, depending on the level of the defeated opponent, the superhero will receive bonuses, gold, experience points, cards, or special equipment or some other weapon upgrade items. 

Note that each hero will have different strength stats, attributes, combat skills and power-up paths. After each level up, superheroes will gain stats corresponding to their nature. Each character will have a total of 6 combat skills including: five basic attacks and one ultimate.

In addition, the basic movement skills of each person are also different. Star Lord can fly thanks to the rocket at his feet, BlackWidow can run out of demons, and Tony Stark can dash to the target in milliseconds…. The higher the level, the more money and gold you can accumulate, you can upgrade some new combat skills. 

Each hero will have 4 items of equipment for him: Armor, Pants, Shoes and Gloves. Every time you change to new equipment, the character’s appearance also changes, creating a fancy new version. In addition, you can also upgrade the Hero’s Badges. There are 8 different badge levels corresponding to each power stat. If you collect enough 6 badges at the same time, you will get a new powerful special skill for your character.

Graphics and sound

Foreshadowing, you will be shocked, even without putting headphones in your ears or turning on speakers. The image looks like it’s about to jump out of the screen, the 3D is so impressive. The heroic character flies, jumps, shoots, wriggles through collapsed buildings, amid the black smoke from the fires and explosions below. That image is as beautiful as a picture of art. 

Light effects, sophisticated shadows from the most advanced shaping technology have made the confrontations between heroes and villains bigger and more fiery than ever. You will also witness moments of suspense with sweaty hands, like when Tony Stark is running low on energy, hanging from the wall of a tall building and the Goblin is laughing savagely from above while firing his guns. It’s a feeling of excitement, extreme excitement that only a few hero games that are invested to the next level can do. 

Sound is also an indispensable part of MARVEL Future Revolution. You will have a real sonic boom. The crash of vehicles on the road, the violent explosion that collapsed the monumental building, the sound of rockets soaring through the air… everything was as wonderful as the footage. And you know what? Are the voices of the other heroes familiar? It’s all the voices of the characters in the movie, guys, this is a super game combined with Marvel itself.

Download MARVEL Future Revolution APK for Android

After playing this game, I suddenly became depressed for a while, wondering if being a hero is really as majestic and fun as I thought? But hey, put that sentiment aside. Now, feel free to reward your thumbs up. MARVEL Future Revolution is very beautiful, the hero is like a dream, the voice acting is good, the plot is fast, the fighting speed is extremely aggressive. It’s worth spending hours watching and plowing. 

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