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Messenger APK is known as an application that helps people “be together whenever”. Let’s take a look at the story-making features of Messenger.

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Introducing Messenger

Things you might not have known about Messenger, the all-in-one social media chat app!

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Often referred to as a free all-in-one app for messaging via Facebook and. Messenger actually has some mlem mlem features that you may not know yet or have read through but never tried it. Try to see if you understand all about this popular application.

Messenger sync messages and contacts for Android phones and Android tablets?

So you can continue chatting and connecting with anyone no matter where you are or what device you have in hand. Just install, link to the account, automatically all information, data, chats, files, images attached in previous chats on the original computer are completely synchronized without any pieces. to the new device. The connection process is never interrupted.

Do you know the “Vanish” mode and privacy settings in Messenger?

When you set up Messenger in this mode, you’ll send a message back and forth with one person and it only lasts for a moment, then automatically “evaporates” as soon as you exit the conversation. This feature provides better security and privacy for sensitive communications or when used on an unsecured device.

And the Privacy settings will help you give you reasonable options to decide the extent of information privacy for your chats. You can choose to limit who can chat or send messages to you, choose to have the owner’s personal account always online or offline with some people so that they never intend to disturb you. You can even block some people who don’t allow chat via Messenger.

Did you know that chat in Messenger can choose a background theme by theme?

Every conversation becomes more interesting when you choose thematic backgrounds available in Messenger. Love theme when chatting with your girlfriend, have a romantic romantic heart fluttering, or choose a calm light blue tone theme when chatting with customers about work… There are hundreds of themes in the application library. for you to freely modify your chat frame.

Did you know the “Watch Together” feature in Messenger?

Connecting with friends is not only text chat, picture chat, call, but also share fun together, like watching a good movie, a funny TV show, for example. Invite your friends to watch together with you via the Chat Room or Video Chat feature to not be together but still sympathize and share. Especially, the Chat Room feature can also be used for work because the number of participants is up to 50 people, suitable for group meetings.

You already know the quality of video calls in Messenger is top notch

Each time you make a video call in Messenger, you can connect with up to 8 people at the same time, with high quality sound, sharp images and very cute 3D animation effects to entertain the person who is video chatting with you. me.

Did you know the feature Record and send video messages to friends?

You just need to press the Record button and then say, sing, shout, congratulate, do all kinds of things then send this recording or short video to your friends instead of saying what you want to say. It will be fun and new instead of just texting.

Feel free to send movies, videos, and lots of stickers, .gif files or emojis

You can send a lot of attachments of all formats, including images and videos, with no size limit. And while chatting, you can freely express your personal feelings with the available library of gif files, stickers and emojis. Chat on Messenger is so lively and personal.

Did you know you can even make a small planner with your friends via Messenger?

Plan a trip with friends, hold polls, vote for a group get-together, or share the cool spot you’re in. With just a few basic operations in Messenger, you can do this easily.

Messenger even supports sending money safely within the US

Using Messenger, you can send and receive money quickly with friends and family through the special feature above. By adding a debit card, PayPal account or prepaid card, and a few more transfers, you’re done. This method is also considered quite safe because the security level on Messenger is very high.

Download Messenger APK to chat with friends now!

A communication app that connects people based on Facebook and Instagram social media accounts, Messenger deserves to be your companion on any device. With just a single app, all possibilities and features are opened up in front of you easily.

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