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Minecraft Trial APK v1.18.2.03

Minecraft, as everyone knows, is an open-ended sandbox game, where players build and decide everything from adventure, to enemies, companions, and the world around them. But before going to Minecraft, I think you should practice with Minecraft Trial APK.

Minecraft Trial APKb

Introducing Minecraft Trial

The draft version is separate from the original Minecraft: it’s not too late to try it out and play it for real

NameMinecraft Trial
Package Namecom.mojang.minecrafttrialpe
MOD FeaturesIs not
RequestAndroid 5.0

Gravity of sandbox

The sandbox concept is not new, in many areas. But when applied to the game, it is not until Minecraft that all the wonders surrounding the sandbox are known and admired by many people. The basic principle of the game Minecraft is to use small, colorful blocks to create your own environment, thereby twisting the story the way you want, creating your own resources to exploit and develop. everything around, create a variety of enemies to attack, dive into the wars created by yourself to experience and show off your fighting skills.

Minecraft is loved because it doesn’t follow any framework, everything is in the hands of each player. With each different construction, strategy and path of choice, each gamer will find a play, strategy and long-term development path for himself. You are both the creator and the hero, the victim, the worker in the world you just created. That’s why Minecraft is always flexible, 1001 ways to play. The freedom, flexibility and present-future structure, concise and logical cause-and-effect interaction in the game that Minecraft quickly became a globally resounding name.

Your task in the self-created world is the same as in other survival fighting games, adventure role-playing games: exploiting resources previously set out by yourself, combining resources and materials. materials together to create products that are sometimes for combat, sometimes for self-defense, and sometimes for absolutely no use. The process of collecting, crafting, and combining these materials takes place in a completely different way for each person, at each time. From 100 items, you can create another 1000 items such as clothes, building materials, tools, weapons, equipment and many other unique items.

What is Minecraft Trial, what is different from Minecraft?

Minecraft Trial in short is a trial version of the famous sandbox game Minecraft Trial. You can of course download Minecraft Trial to play for free, see it as a draft before yourself and fierce battles in the real Minecraft environment.

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Because it is a trial version, Minecraft Trial does not have 100% “power” like Minecraft. Part feature, part character, part weapon, part raw material, part space door… but enough for you to build everything you need and learn a lot about Minecraft .

Playing Minecraft Trial, you still can’t connect with friends everywhere, challenge or play game modes without stopping. And true to the draft, so even if you are satisfied with the world you just built in the Minecraft Trial, in the end, you can’t transfer it to Minecraft to continue playing. In other words, playing Minecraft Trial, everything is a draft. The goal for you to master the operations, the way to play is the main. Then, when you’re confident, switch to Minecraft and start over. And the last point you need to note is that Minecraft Trial is completely separate from Minecraft, nothing is taken from one side to the other. Just a true draft in Minecraft Trial.

Play Minecraft Trial, must play Survival mode

Minecraft Trial has two game modes: Survival and Creative. But if you’ve made the effort to find the Minecraft Trial, you should definitely play Survival mode at least a few times. The player’s goal is to survive at all costs. To protect your life, you will need to eat lamb, kill zombies, find food and water to avoid hunger and thirst, build a house/underground to avoid cold and threat from wild animals.. The day and night period is also clearly depicted in this Survival mode. Each time of day, depending on the development situation, you will have to choose how to survive and fight with different types of enemies and challenges.

Controls in minecraft apk are also quite simple. The bottom left corner is 4 navigation keys and 1 middle button to let the character jump up. When playing a game that can change the viewing angle by touching and dragging to any place on the screen, the game will move through that perspective to ensure the most honest and accurate viewing angle for the player. The bottom row of the screen are the Build buttons. You will choose from three items available in this section: Building Materials, Given Weapons, and Enemy Builds. Just select the block or type of material you want to use, click on the position to place / build until the whole building is completely built, then continue to build another building in another area.

The weapons available initially are only shovels, knives and hammers. But then, thanks to some instructions from the game, you will understand how to craft other more complex, more destructive weapons by combining crafting and mining. But note that not all materials are immediately available in the right place. For special things like wood, bamboo, and crops, you have to go through the middle step of Harvesting before you can collect them.

The number of enemies in Minecraft Trial is quite rich, but of course it cannot be compared with the original minecraft apk. You can choose any type of monster you want to fight, how many, and where to place them. Depending on the enemy species, your attack and defense are also different. For example, wolves do not attack during the day, but at night you can make prey for it if you go around and don’t come home. Zombies attack at any time, but at most it’s still dark at night and when it’s deserted…

Besides, you can download the Beta and Final versions of Minecraft here .

Download Minecraft Trial APK for Android

The conclusion is that you should download Minecraft Trial to play when: you want to try a few times to see if the Minecraft style really suits you before deciding to play for a long time on the official game. Or want to experience the feeling of “Minecraft” but the phone configuration is a bit weak and doesn’t have much time to pursue. Or simply want to get used to how to play, how to use and balance the elements of materials and resources in the Minecraft environment. All three of these reasons are good to download Minecraft Trial to try.

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