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My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.4.0.10885

Enjoy life from the most ordinary things, like Angela the cat in the life simulation game combined with virtual pets My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK. That’s the message I got after 2 days of trying it out before officially downloading it for my daughter to play.

My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK b

Introducing My Talking Angela 2

Pet game is so much fun

A must-have in a girl’s game collection

NameMy Talking Angela 2
Package Namecom.outfit7.mytalkingangela2
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 5.0

On the occasion of my daughter’s 5th birthday, I was determined to create a Games folder for her child on Ipad, then pack the whole iPad into a big gift box for her. Probably will include a message “Remember to let dad play together”.

Surely everyone is wondering in this top secret folder what games have I downloaded that a 5-year-old child can play, and also a game for the whole family to “have fun” together?

Actually quite a lot, but one of them is the game I want to introduce today. This is also the hottest virtual pet game at the moment, named My Talking Angela 2.

Gameplay has so much fun

My Talking Angela 2 is a casual game from Outfit7 Limited. And with this game work, it must be said that the studio that is so famous for these virtual pet games has really raised its level to a new level. Because the gameplay is a perfect mix of virtual petting, fashion, cooking, music and arcade games. There is almost no line between a virtual animal and a life simulation game. You will discover that the life of the main character, Talking Angela, the cat in this game becomes more vivid and colorful than ever.

Features of Angela, the cute cat in the story: although she can’t speak, she has many delicate actions, expressions and sounds to express all emotions in each moment. Actually, I find the process of dialogue and interaction with Angela in the game more like raising a small child than a pet. It’s much more lively and “life” than that.

Imagine what you do for your child, we will do the same for Angela

From the smallest care, which has become a routine of every day such as: waking up, stretching, giving Angela and the bathroom a bath in the tub, taking her to the toilet, brushing teeth, washing her face, exercising. The most basic happiness of the players of this virtual pet game is to see how the cute creature they are taking care of changes with each interactive activity when playing the game.

For example, from a white cat with a pale face when she wakes up, after only a few tens of seconds of soap and water, Angela has turned into a beautiful and fragrant white cat. Or watching Angela enjoy her favorite meal, her face puffy and licking her tongue as if praising delicious is enough to make you sob. Mixing emotions, growing up with pets is an emotion that you can hardly get in any other simulation game series.

Fashion indispensable for every girl

The virtual animal world in My Talking Angela 2 is really open when this time, you can freely dress up and coordinate for Angela. Walking around, going out, going to your house, every occasion on the street or even at home, is an opportunity for you to experiment with a variety of new fashion styles. Interestingly, much like a person choosing what to wear in real life, beautiful clothes also make you happier and vice versa. Angela’s mood and emotion stats will also go up and down with each outfit, so dress up as appropriately and gracefully as possible. Mix up many things, not just one thing: pants, skirts, tops, accessories, shoes, choose the right hairstyle as well. Those who have artistic blood or girls playing this game are guaranteed to fall in love.

Makeup, it’s makeup

After finishing the makeup, it is impossible to ignore the makeup stage for Angela’s beauty. My friend, the cat in this game is extremely beautiful. So let’s increase Angela’s pretty part by helping her have a beautiful makeup layout, matching the tone of her outfit, and finally choosing a matching real hair to create a beautiful whole. dream.

The makeup for Angela in this game is also very picky, but not over the top, it must be done with intention. Proof that makeup at any point is not just one click and it’s done. You need to consider choosing cosmetics, apply to the exact point of the face, reapply for enough maturity and color. For example, mascara takes a few swipes to curl as desired, or apply lipstick a few times back and forth, the new lipstick color will be uniform and shiny. Honestly, this process is a bit overwhelming for boys, but for girls and girls, it’s a happy paradise. My daughter will definitely play this game first.

Angela also knows how to cook, enjoy music and dance

The lovely cat not only knows how to wear beautiful clothes, stylish jewelry, enjoy delicious food, but also knows how to make delicious desserts by herself, such as sponge cake, lollipops, mixed fruits, fruit pies… Of course, every step of making the finished product requires your support: choose the desired fruit, fully flavor it, cut each dish, mix well, put the cake in the oven, turn the knob, take out the cake and decorative toppings. Every time she makes a delicious cake, Angela’s mood will be much better, like the emotional progression of a real chef. The process of making cakes is elaborate but also a lot of interesting things. If they are children, they will surely learn a lot of things from the few times they accompany Angela.

An active day is coming to an end, it’s time for Angela to relax with smooth tunes, at home or at a familiar pub. You can choose any song you like, let your soul follow its sound and freely control Angela so that she rhythmically glides her feet, relaxing her body on each key of the music. A romantic evening, self-happy and self-enjoying in a very peaceful way.

The first part, My Talking Angela is also very interesting. Or maybe you want to meet one of her best friends, My Talking Tom 2 .

And also to travel, what fun is there without Angela

Thanks to the process of baking, singing, dancing or dressing appropriately, our Angela will collect some plane tickets that help her travel to many different places. Wherever you go, you can shop, eat deliciously, wear beautiful clothes, and earn towering mood points.

Not to mention in every trip there are always one or more interesting surprises, waiting to discover with Angela.

Little games

Angela has a rather elegant hobby. In her spare time during the day, she will play puzzles, Donut Spin and lots of other fun puzzles. Following in the footsteps of the cat, experience a variety of interesting games that will help players, whether children or adults, practice their reflexes and problem-solving skills. Play a game that gets too many things.

The MOD APK version of My Talking Angela 2

Features MOD

Unlimited Money

Download the game My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK for Android

Life is not always smooth, but playing this life simulation pet game, you will see that it is only pink. Following Angela and enjoying every little pleasure in life, from very ordinary things, will help you love life, love people more. Playing with your baby at home is even more fun.

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