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PK XD MOD APK (Houses Unlocked) v0.49.1

PK XD APK – Explore and Play with your Friends is an open world role-playing game from the publisher PlayKids. The game only revolves around making friends along the way and then playing with this and that, this and that game, but extremely attractive and attractive. Once you play, you can’t stop playing.


Introducing PK XD

Do you really know how to connect and enjoy this life?

Package Namecom.movile.playkids.pkxd
PublisherAfterverse Games
MOD FEATURESUnlocked Houses
RequestAndroid 4.4
Network Requirements

Cute little game, but it reminds us of many things

You live in this world not only alone, but also with many people, many other interesting creatures around. Quite a few of us think that we already know how to grasp life, find companions and communicate with life, but actually we still have a lot to learn to really have the skill of “dialogue”. better. PK XD is a mobile game with fun images, cute storyline, in my opinion, through which, you and I, too, will learn how to truly connect with this life.

You create your own life and connections 

The focus of PK XD

consists of two parts. Part one is the walks and walks with friends of the main character. You will take turns traveling through the streets, meeting new friends. Each person has a different personality, identity and job. Your job is to chat, play hard, work hard and connect with them. For example, if you meet a guy dancing on stage, he looks very cool and cute, why don’t you stop, step on the floor and dance with him a few dances, make new friends. Each time you join an activity to connect with a new character, or make a successful friend, you will receive valuable bonus points.

And not only people, there are also pets, cute and cute items that you can’t refuse: it could be a funny fluffy puppy that follows you around, maybe A series of huge colorful floats are inviting you to jump in and try once, or an ice cream truck with giant seven-color ice cream sticks that makes you want to jump to eat… called life experience. They happen around us every day, but because of busyness, because of many worries, we inadvertently pass by without emotion. This life is worth stopping many times and admiring right people.

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To integrate into life in the game, you just need to do a simple operation of selecting and jumping in to join in. The operation is so easy that even kids can play, and it’s extremely relaxing.

And then peace of mind

The second part of the game’s focus is home decoration. After you’ve roamed enough, have many friends, and experienced enough life, it’s time to get a little serious and start building a house for yourself. 

With the points collected so far, the more active you are, the richer you are, and you will start building a house little by little. Building materials are incredibly cute things like clouds, lighted rugs, wall wallpapers, cool sofas, cozy fireplaces, heart balloons, pretty kitchen utensils… Use your imagination and ideas. Learn from friends to put them together in a smart, economical way to build a themed home just the way you want. 

You are the one who molded yourself

I talked about combinations and selection earlier, so I have to go through the game’s prelude a bit. Before you start roaming around, you have to go through a very exciting shaping process. Here, the game will let players choose to assemble each detail to create the most perfect character according to each person’s concept. 

You can even choose everything to make ‘me’, from skin, eyes, gaze, lips, permanent expression, hair, shoes, clothes, glasses, backpack, gloves, socks… Everything. You can be anyone you want: serious youth, office boy, rapper, witch or old knight, it’s all there. The freedom to do as you like, to choose what you want, to live a diverse, enjoyable, colorful life is not the life that everyone dreams of.

Throughout the game, there are also a series of different small challenges. And through that, you will discover your interests more fully, sometimes more than what we are showing in real life.

A purely entertaining, humane, playful and energetic game pk xd

The game has color block graphics, but it’s harmonious, pretty, lovely, and especially very playful, there’s not a bit of aimless wistfulness here. All the activities that take place are also extremely interesting and fun things in life: meeting, connecting with friends, experiencing life, playing with colors, and building a dream house with your own hands. Lively background music, innocent, full of positive energy.

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