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Download PUBG Mobile – APK latest version IGNITION to your Android phone and get ready to join the battle of survival to find the only winner!

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Introducing PUBG Mobile

After experiencing PUBG Mobile on both iOS (Using iPhone X) and Android (Early Installing via APK file), I will share with you the highlights of this game. Hopefully you will have the first overview before starting to participate in this exciting mortal arena.

NamePUBG Mobile
Package Namecom.tencent.ig
PublisherLevel Infinite


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (abbreviated as PUBG) is an online battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation – a subsidiary of Bluehole. This game is based on the last man standing gameplay, originating from the movie called Battle Royale.

In just 3 months after its launch, this game has become one of the most popular games in the world with millions of players worldwide. Then, game company Tencent negotiated with Bluehole to bring PUBG to the mobile platform with the official name PUBG Mobile. This move is the action of the manufacturer when PUBG’s rival is in response to Fortnite ‘s release of the mobile version for Android/iOS.

This version is directly developed and operated by Tencent with the help of Bluehole. With the original gameplay from the PC version, in addition to being released for free on both Android and iOS platforms, PUBG Mobile quickly achieved the No. 1 position on all mobile game rankings.


In the game, 100 players will participate in a battle for survival after being dropped on a deserted island where they must collect weapons and equipment to destroy other players and avoid being destroyed. There is a safe area that will shrink over time, forcing all survivors to move into a smaller area. The last person alive will be the winner.

Original graphics

I was very surprised by the game’s graphics. Although the mobile platform can’t be as powerful as console or PC, Tencent still equips PUBG Mobile with a very beautiful and similar graphic platform to the original perfectly. The game begins with an image of an airplane carrying 100 players across a large island, you will begin to parachute out of the plane and choose a landing spot. The game is very smooth, flying in the sky gives me a feeling of freedom, flight and peace right before I land in a real mortal arena.

Each house, each hill, vehicle, bridge and river is meticulously designed to bring a very authentic and interesting experience. Not only that, the smaller details of each character in the game are also noticed, you will have a very interesting experience.

Update: Low profile devices have been able to battle PUBG Mobile with the launch of 

Playing PUBG on Mobile is simpler

The first thing I like about PUBG Mobile is the feature that automatically opens the door, picks up the gun… If on PC, you have to press the F key every time you want to open the door to enter a house or want to pick up an item, then in PUBG Mobile you will not have to do anything because the game will do this for you.

Moving and aiming in the game is also quite easy with virtual keys to navigate on the screen. Actions such as dressing, drinking water, jumping, lying down, sitting, loading bullets… are all designed with a small virtual key on the screen. You won’t have to remember every shortcut like on a PC!

Driving is also very enjoyable and not as difficult as the computer version.

Other details

Weapons, items and equipment have been reworked to be 100% identical to the original. Items such as hats, armor, backpacks are divided into 3 different levels; The higher the level, the more armor and capacity. Soft drinks can help heal and speed up…

In all 3 game modes: single player, duo, squads, the collection speed of the death circle takes place much faster than the original. You won’t have much time, so don’t wander around looting if you don’t want to die outside.

The mobile version also has some new mechanics, such as: climbing ranks according to the season, making friends with people, daily login bonuses, event rewards… with this bonus you can use Used to unlock new equipment for your character.

About PUBG Mobile MOD APK version

Is there a MOD version of PUBG Mobile?

We cannot confirm this. This is a highly secure online game, so there is currently no MOD version for this game.

Can Lulubox app help hack PUBG?

No, this app only helps with tuning on player’s machine. Some details like GFX, FPS, Skin… can be adjusted. But other players won’t notice this.

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Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK for Android

The first time I played PUBG Mobile, I was even surprised because I couldn’t believe it was a mobile game. Very high graphic detail, vivid sound along with the inherent interesting points of PUBG make this game one of the perfect games.

However, PUBG Mobile will really make it difficult for low-profile devices, not high battery capacity because it is really a battery-eating monster. I only played the iOS version on my iPhone X for only 3 hours. But that’s okay, being able to play a completely free official PUBG is also a great thing, isn’t it? If you are interested in this game, you can download it through the link that TOPAPKAPP places below this article, including the direct download link for the APK, and the OBB of the game.

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