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Shadow Knight MOD APK (Immortal) v1.14.2

Shadow Knight MOD APK (Immortal) version provided by TOPAPKAPP will give you many advantages in combat.

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Introducing Shadow Knight

Like the first version, Shadow Knight still retains the role-playing gameplay combined with adventure. The unique combination with the top-notch graphics that the game brings, will soon conquer players.

NameShadow Knight
Package Namecom.fansipan.stickman.fight.shadow.knights
PublisherFansipan Limited
CategoryRole Playing
RequestAndroid 5.0

And although, Shadow Knight is considered to be developed based on its predecessor. But with the improvement in content and features, the game promises to bring more dramatic battles and adventures!


Shadow Knight’s story begins in a fairy world called Harmonia. This is inhabited by many races including Humans, Orcs, Spirits, Beast Man, Undead, Elves… Each race has its own territory and coexists peacefully with each other.

That peace did not last long, ambitions began to arise. As a result, tragedy befell Harmonia, sending everything into darkness and war.

Unable to let the beautiful land become more and more exhausted and dead, the dark knight decided to return the light to this land. Peace is still somewhere far away. On his quest to find it, the knight must battle cruel enemies and a series of epic monsters.

Style play

Join the game Shadow Knight: Deathly Adventure, you will transform into a dark knight with a brave heart and great strength.

Take part in fantasy adventure stories and immerse yourself in endless shadow battles. There are many daily tasks to complete. You will have to prepare yourself to be always ready for adventure through forests, ghost towns, dungeons. There are always challenges as well as monsters, zombies and deadly traps.

Do not be subjective with the Bosses at the end of the dungeon. They are not only powerful, but also possess an amazing combat speed. Just a little distracted and your character can be terminated immediately.

Shadow Knight has more than 100 types of achievements for you to conquer. Besides, you are also given valuable rewards such as gems, keys or energy.

Armory and equipment

This is an unequal battle between the forces of darkness and you, alone. To be able to defeat thousands of enemies, you must choose for yourself an appropriate and powerful enough weapon.

Shadow Knight has an arsenal of weapons and armor for you to collect. They are effective assistants, helping you achieve your goals on the journey to conquer Harmonia.

Through the gates, you will get good weapons and equipment. And if you are not satisfied, you can use gold coins or gems to buy them from the shop.

In another aspect, the types of equipment are also divided into many levels and can be upgraded. The higher the level, the greater the damage, while the combat effect also becomes more beautiful.


Like its name, the background covering Shadow Knight is a dark and gloomy color. Although only developed on 2D graphics, the effects are meticulously designed, from smoke, sparks, fog and colorful magic.

Characters in this game are not really well simulated. Sometimes, you will feel like you are only looking at the shadows of the characters. If you’ve played games like Shadow of Death 2 , Stickman Legends , you’ll find the graphics and perspective of Shadow Knight are somewhat similar.

Shadow Knight MOD APK version

Features MOD


Download Shadow Knight MOD APK for Android

Overall, Shadow Knight is an engaging and addictive role-playing game. Bloody battles, fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay and much more will make you not want to take your eyes off the screen.

Harmonia is in critical condition! Are you ready to download the game and find the lost peace?

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