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Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.79.2.1

Do you want to join the battle with darkness, find the light for the kingdom of Aurora? Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the sequel to the Shadow of Death series, the role-playing game series of publisher Bravestar Games.

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Introducing Shadow of Death 2

This fast paced hack-n-slash game is quite similar in style to Shadow Fight 2. You control a warrior in the dark, fighting and killing every enemy that appears to stand in your way. If you love 2D role-playing games with lots of novelty, this is the game you can try.

NameShadow of Death 2
Package Namecom.Bravestars.Stickman.FightingGames.ShadowOfDeath2
PublisherBravestars Games
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
Play without internet

The story follows the first part

The plot is one of the standout elements of this series. It is well invested. With a long and detailed storyline, the game gives players inspiration and stimulates people to continue discovering more stories about the character and his kingdom.

In terms of content, Shadow of Death 2 has a plot following its predecessor. From the first part, the kingdom of Aurora has completely collapsed. Darkness is everywhere, it brings crime and monsters. The king was passionate about power, no longer interested in the fate and life of the people. The hope of this kingdom is slowly disappearing…

You will play the character Maximus – a knight of the kingdom of Aurora. He wakes up with an empty memory. Memories have been erased, Max can’t remember who he is, why he’s here. He was taken care of by a girl, but then this girl was kidnapped by monsters. Now, Max must wander with his sword, fighting monsters to find the girl he loves. O warriors! You are Aurora’s only hope. Join Max to fight monsters, defeat darkness and bring light back to this kingdom!

Fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Shadow of Death 2 has role-playing gameplay that combines adventure on the horizontal screen of mobile devices. With the sword and the skills of an excellent warrior, you will join the battle with the monsters from the dark. After killing all monsters in a stage, the final boss will appear. They have the ability to kill you with a single hit, so you need to learn how to dodge enemy attacks and use your sword to destroy them.

Like the first part, the game has two main modes, Adventure and Challenge. Adventure mode is divided into several chapters, each chapter includes many levels with increasing difficulty. After completing a stage, your character is promoted, giving you more strength, energy and stamina. If you’re lucky, you can get some equipment such as helmets, armor, weapons…

Currently, Adventure mode includes two maps The Great Swamp and The Black Sea. Watch out for the birds (appears in phase 2 of The Great Swamp). They are small, but can kill you by constantly rushing towards the warriors. When I started playing, I had a lot of trouble hitting these birds. They fly pretty fast. You can tell when they’re down by observing their color. They will turn red when preparing an attack. In my opinion, you should jump up when they come down, while swinging your sword and slashing them with precision.

Challenge mode is not out yet. Please wait for the exciting new features to be updated in the near future.

Control interface

Shadow of Death 2 has a console similar to other role-playing games on mobile. The virtual joystick on the left side of the screen helps you move the main character. The skills, jump, attack, and surf keys are on the right. By combining keys at the same time, you can create stunning combos with huge damage.


Shadow of Death 2 provides players with an in-depth weapon and equipment system. Equipment is unlocked by getting it in battle or buying it from the shop. You can equip Max with legendary swords, the clothes of the strongest warriors. Weapons are divided into several categories, Normal, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Not only have outstanding power, Legendary swords also have beautiful effects. The red color of the sword stands out against the black background, like the blood of the enemy.


Currently, Shadow of Death 2 has only one character. You can customize this character by changing his outfit and accessories.


The background color of Shadow of Death 2 is black, combined with the 2D horizontal screen, you will feel like you are looking at the shadows of the characters in the game. If you have ever played some games like Shadow Fight 3 , Stickman Legends , you are too familiar with this color and perspective.

Although there are only 2D graphics, the images and effects of the game are very realistic. Smooth, realistic motion, bringing the best experience to you.

Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlimited Money: 2 currencies, Blood and Soul, are infinite.

Download Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK for Android

Overall, Shadow of Death 2 is a role-playing game with enough appeal for you to immerse yourself in it. There are so many great things about this game. Fast-paced hack-n-slash gameplay, bloody battles, in-depth weapon systems. The game does not require an internet connection, so you can play it anywhere.

Currently, Shadow of Death 2 is an early access version, so the game still has some minor bugs. These bugs will soon be fixed by the publisher in upcoming updates, helping you have a better experience.

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