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Introducing Summer Memories


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The plot of the game Summer Memories is about a boy in adulthood. This boy has a long hair and a small body but a girl. In the summer, his parents go away for a business trip. It was during summer vacation, so he was sent to live at an aunt’s house. In this house, besides her husband, all members of the house are women. You will play as him to discover an interesting life in his aunt’s house. This will be a memorable time for you with every member of your aunt’s family.

NameSummer Memories
PublisherKagura Games
MOD FeaturesViet Hoa, Auto Win
RequestAndroid 4.0

Simulated role-playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Summer Memories is developed in a simulated role-playing style. You play as the main character, and go through many of his everyday stories. Every day, you will have different quests and discover new stories. During the game, you just stay at your aunt’s house and “play” with the girls in the house. It could be your aunt, or your beautiful sisters.

The game has many indicators you need to pay attention to, which are desire, fitness and suspicion. You need to know how to reduce people’s suspicions, and increase your desire to be able to do what you want.


The gameplay of Summer Memories is quite interesting, but we do not appreciate the visuals. The game is very important in terms of visuals, but Summer Memories is designed with classic 2D graphics. The image in the game is designed in a pixel style that is not eye-catching. Fortunately, the storyline and attractive gameplay make up for this game.

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Cheat version of Summer Memories

Summer Memories Viet Hoa version also has a few more Cheat features below:

  • Auto Win Mini Games
  • Math
  • fishing

Download Summer Memories Viet Hoa MOD APK

Overall, Summer Memories is an interesting game that you should try. Although the image in the game is not sharp, it is enough to make you unable to stop while playing. Right here will be the link to download the game Summer Memories Viet Hoa for you!

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