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Super Tank Rumble APK – The childhood of any Vietnamese kid in the 8x, 9x era must have played the legendary tank shooting game at least once in his life. The feeling of being in control of a tank that can destroy anything it encounters and win your friends in a fun-filled battle is the great thing of childhood.

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Introducing Super Tank Rumble

Today, on the occasion of having just discovered an extremely interesting game about this tank shooting genre, I will introduce to you this game with the desire to be able to revive some of your inner memories. As the child of publisher Smilegate Megamort, the father of the legendary Raid, Super Tank Rumble has all the elements of entertainment and action, promising to bring moments of relaxation to those who experience it.

NameSuper Tank Rumble
PublisherSmilegate Megaport
RequestAndroid 5.0

Super Tank Rumble has basic fighting gameplay on 2D graphics platform. Not following the trend with a first-person perspective but also not taking a top-down perspective like the old tank shooting game, this game chooses for itself the horizontal perspective of PS1 games.

You will be able to take control of a large tank to participate in authentic battles in many game modes. To be able to master the mobile cannon, the player will be assisted through the on-screen controls. Buttons to move the car forward or backward, raise the barrel high or low and of course fire all appear on the interface to help you easily get used to the game.

How To Download Super Tank Rumble APK App For Android?

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Style play

When participating in the battle, you need to control your tank smoothly and flexibly to defeat the enemy. Deal damage to opponents by shooting bullets at them. Each player will have a certain amount of health, whoever gets all the blood shot first, loses.

But the interesting thing about Super Tank Rumble is that when damaged to a fixed segment, the components on the tank will be removed and cannot be used. This move shows that the manufacturer wants to enhance the reality of the game, preventing the “dry blood” phase of playing without calculation of a part of players in the world. To minimize the amount of damage received, you must be very subtle in every move to dodge the opponent’s bullets.

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Super Tank Rumble introduces different game modes to cater to the needs and circumstances of every gamer. However, whether it is PvP or PvE mode, the game is still extremely fast-paced, requiring your flexibility and ingenuity.

Assemble your own tank

Forget “I don’t tune her”, because now, “tank” is many times more interesting than that song! In addition to the fiery battles, Super Tank Rumble also offers a mechanism to create tanks with your own designs. By participating in battles in all game modes, you will receive tank components such as gun barrels, chains, toolboxes and even wheels to help you complete your own tank.

What makes this feature unique is that you will not have to assemble the car according to a certain pattern. You can “freestyle” them into whatever shape you want as long as it works and helps you outsmart your opponents in the game. Have you ever thought about a 5-barreled mobile cannon? Let Super Tank Rumble do it for you!

However, pay attention to the level and stats that each component brings. If used properly, it’s okay, but if not, your tank will be no different from a pile of wheeled scrap.

In my opinion, this is probably the most interesting feature in Super Tank Rumble, an extremely magical feature that awakens your creativity. Build the machine of your dreams and take it to war!

Share your drawings with everyone

Super Tank promotes the solidarity and help of players around the world. If you have just come up with an idea for a powerful fighting machine, don’t hesitate to share it with other players. Doing that will help you get a relatively large amount of in-game money. Conversely, you can also buy other people’s good designs to learn.

Download Super Tank Rumble APK for Android

With a simple but somewhat addictive gameplay, the game has attracted a large number of players to join this game. This game is completely free, download now Super Tank Rumble to compete with millions of people around the world in thrilling tank shooting battles!

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