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Survivor Adventure MOD APK

Survivor Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.03.260


In the past few years, along with the “apocalyptic” and “post-apocalyptic” trends, survival-themed mobile games are increasingly blooming. In which the most thrilling suspense is probably the island survival games, like Survivor Adventure MOD APK.

Survivor Adventure MOD APK

Introducing Survivor Adventure

Surviving on a deserted island, you will need both skill, will and a lot of ingenuity.

NameSurvivor Adventure
Package Namecom.reeltoreal.survivor_adventure
PublisherReelToReal Games
MOD FEATURESUnlimited Money
RequestAndroid 5.1

How To Download Survivor Adventure MOD APK App For Android?

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How To Install Survivor Adventure MOD APK App For Android?

it’s very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

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  • Download the Rar file to your Android device.
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  • Uninstall the original version of Game App Data Market on your Android device
  • Move the unzipped folder (with the Obb file) to the location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/OBB or /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (if there is no obb folder, create a new one named obb on the telephone)
  • Move the Mod Apk file to location: /SDCARD/ANDROID/DATA (using Es file manager)
  • Install Modified Apk File and Play

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Survivor Adventure is a classic survival action game from the publisher Realtoreal Games. For an unknown reason, you are lost on a remote island, looking forever unable to see the shore. There is only one way to find a way to survive here until it is found. You will have to be alone in the jungle island, explore every corner of the jungle full of traps and above all save your life.

You need to find food, build shelters, fight wild animals, plant trees, find food, craft weapons, tame useful animals, hunt animals, exploit resources… You will do 1001 things to live, stay safe and have enough food for yourself in this scary place.

Your biggest enemy in the desert island is the beast. There are only two ways: either you hunt them or they hunt you. Choose any direction, stand still passively, do nothing waiting for the day of death or move on your own, do everything in your power to survive and survive. You choose to go?

Do everything to survive

Survivor Adventure has the most impressive vivid 3D design among the survival games on the deserted island today. The world in the game has no limit, no end. You can go anywhere, do whatever you want, as long as you’re alive.

You can go hunting

Back like the early days of mankind. Humans also rely on hunting to stay safe, avoid wild animals and find a source of food for themselves. Now in a place with nothing but empty hands, you also have to learn how to survive like your ancestors. With your hands, you will make weapons from the most rudimentary such as slingshots, pitchforks, bows and arrows, knives… to hunt wild animals.

Be very careful, choose the prey that is within range, fit with the weapon you have, aim from a distance, keep an eye on it until you have the opportunity to strike. Because just one small mistake can turn you into their prey. The hunting scenes in Survivor Adventure are extremely stimulating, thrilling and highly experiential.

You can also tame some animals

Animals that aim to bring many long-term benefits and can be tamed should be tamed, such as buffalo, cow, wolf, elephant even lion and some other wild animals. Each animal needs its own approach with food, friendly gestures and actions of goodwill on your part. After playing this game, you will learn a lot of knowledge about animals. Also very cool.

You can create your own weapons from primitive to fierce

To defend yourself, to hunt and to do everything else such as building houses, mining mines… you all need a weapon system of all kinds. You can make them manually. Knives, knives, hammers, axes, hoes, spears… each has its own effect and is necessary for the survival ahead.

Don’t forget to build a house

Safety and food have always been the two most basic levels of Maslow’s pyramid. And for safety, a small fire in the middle of the forest or two hands holding two homemade weapons is not enough. You need a private shelter, to hide yourself when the whole island is in the dark, to stay away from the approach of wild animals, or to keep yourself healthy against unpredictable changes in the weather here.

In short, if you have enough mining materials and tools, you should give priority to building a house first. Although it takes a lot of time, effort and materials, it is extremely important and worth doing. Once you have a home, you will feel much more secure. Having a residence, going back and forth, every other part to maintain the source of life from here will be more confident to work out.

Explore the desert island

Once you have the basics, you should spend some time exploring the nooks and crannies of the island. Every passing place hides a mystery. Not all secrets are pleasant or give you what you need. But it’s still best to understand what’s going on around so that you can improvise. Remember to bring a lot of weapons, you will need it on the way to explore.

Survivor Adventure MOD APK version

Features MOD

Unlimited Money

Download Survivor Adventure MOD APK for Android

An exemplary 3D survival battle simulation game, sharp to every detail and every movement of large and small animals, deep backgrounds, and hunting screens. I don’t know what you think, but I really want to get lost with this guy.

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