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Town of Passion APK v1.9

Town of Passion APK Viet Hoa – a role-playing game combined with many different elements, loved by many players. And now, it has a special Vietnamese version for Vietnamese gamers.

Town of Passion APKb

Introducing Town of Passion

NameTown of Passion
RequestAndroid 4.1

Town of Passion is developed by Siren’s Domain, a not so well known game developer. And the game is only released on the PC platform through Patreon. But in this article, we give you the free APK version for Android. Moreover, this version has been Viet Hoa for you to experience the game more interesting.

Story of the game

The story in the game is about an ordinary farmer boy. He lives in the town of Valencia, a town that looks normal but is actually very mysterious. One day, he got lost in a strange land and couldn’t escape. However, there was no danger here, and he began his life here. There will be beautiful girls to keep him company and live with him. You will play as him to explore that mysterious Valencia town.

Interesting combo gameplay

Basically, the game Town of Passion is an adventure role-playing game. But in the game, you will experience a combination of many elements such as puzzle, adventure, dating, construction, … This will be an extremely unique combination for you to experience.

Not only focusing on adventure gameplay, Town of Passion also lets you enjoy extremely eye-catching dating scenes. It will be a story between the main character is you and beautiful girls.

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The game image is quite nice

The image in the game Town of Passion is divided into two types, when you play construction and when the character appears. Usually, the image in the game is simply designed like a simulation game, and when the characters appear, the image will be designed in more detail. The overall game will be a 2D graphics background that is not too sharp but still quite eye-catching thanks to the character creation.

Town of Passion APK Vietnamese version


  • Ported for Android
  • The language in the game is Vietnameseized

Download Town of Passion APK Viet Hoa

Game Town of Passion is developed with quite simple but interesting content. And the most important are still the images and cutscenes in the game, they are very attractive and attract players. Right now, you can download the game to experience it on your phone. You can play directly with the APK file, also play on Android emulator (on PC) or JoiPlay emulator (on Android).

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