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Bing bong “We regret to inform you that the 18:36 train will be delayed by approximately 23 minutes.” Do you feel familiar? Well, next time you still have to be annoyed on the train, don’t just sit on the platform and complain about the railway industry. With Train Station 2 APK, you can take control and get everything back on track.

Train Station 2 APK
NameTrain Station 2
Package Namecom.pixelfederation.ts2
PublisherPixel Federation Games
RequestAndroid 5.0

Introducing Train Station 2

Train Station 2 is an extremely interesting railway empire simulation game from the publisher Pixel Federation Games. In this game, you are in control of a railway system, transporting goods and passengers for an entire town. Part 1 of the game, Train Station also reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play with rave reviews. Pixel Federation Games is a publisher passionate about railway and harbor simulation games. Some of their games like Sea Port, Train Station or Train Collector are all well worth a try if you love simulation games. Part

How To Download Train Station 2 APK App For Android?

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How To Install Train Station 2 APK App For Android?

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Giving you the power to build your own rapidly growing locomotive empire, Train Station 2 isn’t so much about the hassles of getting on the go, it’s about turning a miniature rail system lying in the garage. Your home comes alive.

Back in the heyday of trains, you’ll start with some engines and some basic work like gathering resources and distributing to businesses along the tracks. But this is just the beginning. As you move deeper into the game, you’ll unlock more locomotives, new routes, and world maps, taking your train to all directions and increasing your influence. The more contracts you complete, the more trains and infrastructure you unlock. Just like that, you have more contracts and opportunities.

Develop a train empire

Train Station 2 takes you back in time, the heyday of steam locomotive trains. First, you will start your empire in England. Help George Stephenson, a railroad engineer, complete his railroad project. If you do not know, then George is the man known as the “father of railways”. He asks you to bring a variety of materials, your task is to use the trains in the station you have, go to the mineral mines and mining. After that, the train returns to the station, you can give it to George Stephenson to let him build the railway, and receive a certain amount of money, gems and some other resources.

After unlocking more trains and some new locations, you can choose from many different jobs such as transporting resources, transporting passengers in town… Unlike idle games like Tiny Rails , dock Your device does not work on its own. You are the operator, arrange your trains to collect as much money and resources as possible. George’s quest gives you lots of gold coins, ingredients and keys. Do not miss.

Once your train empire has taken over in the UK, you can expand the train system in many countries like USA, Germany, France Canada, Russia, Netherlands and Australia. Each country has different resources and landscapes, you need to find a way to invest properly. For example, the weather in Russia is very cold. Railways are often covered with snow, affecting the journey of each train.

Train Unlock

Completing missions and leveling up gives you keys. Use the key to buy more trains. Go to the Shop, choose to buy a Common Container with 100 keys, you will randomly receive a train of the game. Trains are divided into several categories including Common (common), Rare (rare). However, you can only unlock Rare trains with gems.


I am completely impressed with the graphics of Train Station 2. The game has sharp 3D graphics, along with bright colors. Graphics are a factor that makes the game attract a large number of players. Although it only has cartoon-style images with a wide view from the top down, the game still pays attention to small details such as flowing water, snowfall, rain, fish, etc.

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Download Train Station 2 APK for Android

You can even start doing more epic missions and let the trains keep doing the heavy lifting. As for you, just enjoy life, enjoy success and expand your world. Combining impressive visuals with gameplay that requires you to balance ambition and strategy, Train Station 2 is an ever-evolving journey. As for the next stop, you decide.

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