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Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (Free Shopping) v5.2.4

Another reduced version of GTA 5 called Vegas Crime Simulator, from Naxeex Ltd, promises the same speed, action, and bombardment as the original, mid-range smartphones play ok la. 

Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK b

Introducing Vegas Crime Simulator

Turn from super terrible to surreal heavyweight Gangster, smashing the streets

NameVegas Crime Simulator
PublisherNaxeex Ltd
RequestAndroid 4.4

Who plays action games without knowing the monument GTA 5. But not everyone has a great smartphone to download and play smoothly this legendary heavy game. While we wait for the glory days to have a top-notch phone and tablet that meets all the requirements, why not rehearse with a similar game called Vegas Crime Simulator?

The core spirit remains the same

Vegas Crime Simulator takes you into the glittering city of Vegas, the country of flags. This place is famous for many types of super entertainment, has a series of the largest casinos in the world. Should talk about the level of play, there is no need to discuss anymore. You are a famous gangster in the world. Always wearing jeans and floral dresses, Vegas is your “land”. This place is not afraid of anyone, not bored of anyone, you are free to do whatever you like, it’s okay to mess with cloudy water.

Still loyal to the criterion “doing the crazy? No, I have to be the craziest.” Normal things that you would never dare to do in real life, go to the game and play until the end. It’s rare to have a game that lets you destroy everything and complete the role of this crazy villain.

The open world of Vegas city is a place for you to go everywhere to see, explore, fight, find talk, joke with anyone on the street, threaten, rob any car you like, challenge everyone police force, became the street god, whose name everyone trembles. 

With that undying spirit, the violence in the game is natural. So, also old advice, censor before letting your kids play. For the players themselves, it is also necessary to always be awake “this is a game, a game”. Don’t be foolish enough to follow suit and risk your body right away.

Unlike the legendary GTA 5, in Vegas Crime Simulator there is no long plot full of worries, nor too exciting missions like robbing banks, burning houses, taking hostages and so on… It will stop at shooting. kill people on the street, kill all the policemen who want to round up the main character, use all weapons to purge other gangsters, steal cars, drive at great speed, or destroy crush anything that gets in the way. In general, the level of responsibility and pain of the main character’s actions can be done here is not so terrible as the game inspired. But the destructiveness and madness are equally happy

Controlling the villain in Vegas Crime Simulator

is also quite simple. A small map in the upper left corner of the screen will help you keep track of your current location in the city. Below the screens are the keys to control the direction and the range of weapons the character has at the moment. The game has a third, wide, open-angle, you can zoom in to observe all the developments around.

This Vegas gangster is also equipped with a lot of great weapons and equipment. Like pistols, rifles, machine guns, ice bullets, bombs… Make sure who the target is, you can’t escape once you want to purge. In addition, the transportation part for him gangster is also the trick of the game, creating countless speed phases howling people. Any car on the road, no matter who the owner is, from the moment it catches your eye, it is obviously yours. From bicycles, motorcycles, cars, racing cars to specialized items such as tanks, fighters, helicopters…

Graphics and sound vegas crime simulator

Don’t compare with GTA 5 PC version, compare with 3D action games currently available on mobile, it will be easy to recognize Vegas Crime Simulator in the top row. Sharp images, realistic simulated action scenes, the effect of collapsing before the crazy shot of the boring gangster of NPC characters also appear convincingly. Punch, kick, fly, dodge bullets or firearms without losing a single shot of real action. Calling a simulation game is also correct, role-playing combat is also not wrong. Finished playing “already” really guys. So excited that I had to rush through the refrigerator to get a box of cold milk to drink to cool down.

Emphasis on pure entertainment

GTA 5 will make players remember the good plot, many thoughts and problems between one character and another, and the turns and choices of each person in the group. But no one can forget the hours of extreme entertainment in the fierce gun battles on the road. Also, no one can ignore the beautiful speed racing scenes, roaming all over the place of the brothers. Distilling this part, Vegas Crime Simulator has done a very good job of its role as a compact, less brain-damaging but extremely entertaining copy. 

Whenever you do something crazy, break the law, harm city dwellers, or purge in this Vegas city underworld, you will “get” an increase in crime (the number of stars in the game). . And of course, the more stars, the more famous you become with the police, the army, and the country.

Slowly you will see when the star reaches a certain level. What you confront is no longer some half-season gangsters, police cars honking their horns for free. It’s the army armed with heavy weapons that constantly chase you to the end, and then fights with transforming robots, space ships, and so on… Enough to know that your “gypsy work” has passed. out of the city limits, shocking both the government and the country’s leaders.

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Upgrade weapons and equipment

Through the screen bombardment, messing with Vegas, you not only increase the “rogue” index but also have a lot of money to buy yourself heavy weapons, to also fight with the other side’s heavyweights. You can also upgrade yourself to increase skills, develop endurance, strength, shooting accuracy, driving skills and buy a variety of other supporting equipment. 

The game’s shop also has “surreal” things for a “super gangster” such as a magic rope that helps you move like a superhero, wings that give you the ability to fly in the sky and land anywhere. any height that doesn’t hurt, or the Superkick ability to kick multiple enemies with maximum damage, or the Wall Climb ability to quickly climb steep walls or buildings sky high. The process of upgrading, customizing, buying things for this high-level gangster is truly the pleasure of life.

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