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Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK 

Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK v2.1.43

Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK is the mobile version (iOS and Android) of the hit game Vo Lam Truyen Ky, capturing the hearts of many 8X, 9X and later Alpha generations. Vietnamese games are made by Vietnamese people with a lot of interesting things, both playing and contemplating life. 

Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK b

Introducing Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile

The Ten Great Sects after 16 years are back and better than ever!

NameMartial Arts 1 Mobile
Package Namevn.pg1.vltk1m
PublisherC?NG TY C? PH?N VNG
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesIs not
RequestAndroid 5.0
Network Requirements

The new mobile version of the game “doesn’t know what to write” because everyone already knows too much

From young to old, young and old, to good men and women who have played, heard of, or know about Vo Lam Truyen Ky, the new, added, and improved job brought to the mobile platform is too risky a job. , associated with many risks. But thanks to the manufacturer “taking risks”, today we have the opportunity to sit and talk about Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​version for Mobile.

How To Download Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK  App For Android?

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How To Install Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK  App For Android?

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“Don’t know what to say” because there’s so much to say. But as always, with a game as full of identity and depth as Vo Lam Truyen Ky, let’s talk about the plot. The game opens with the heroic battle of the Ten Great Sects. In the context of the Song-Kim conflict, a series of martial arts congresses took place in order to find the Master of the martial arts, who would lead the sects, lead the heroes, and support the court against foreign invaders.

You will be a heroic teenager born during that time of firestorm. Living with aspirations and ideals, from a young age you have focused on learning martial arts, cultivating yourself, and raising your will. You will experience a lot of big and small battles, sweat, tears and blood. And finally put his sect to Yang Ba Wulin, becoming the new master of the times.

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Starting you will choose one of the 10 great sects of the era to join the martial arts. Along the way, following the destinations on the map, is full of battles with other sects, slaying demons and doing many different large and small tasks to increase your level and perfect yourself.

The tasks in VLTK1 Mobile are very diverse, from formal to difficult levels including main quests, side quests, repetitive tasks in scenes. When completing the mission, depending on the difficulty and situation, you will accumulate points. When enough points will be upgraded. Each level that is increased will come with new skills, weapons and powers.

In the whole process, the player’s operation in VLTK1 Mobile is also quite simple. Specifically, touch the screen to move, click to select the skills on the right to choose how to attack the character. I find a good point of VLTK1 Mobile is that, although the plot is long and deep, the scenes go a lot and the challenges are complicated, the user’s manipulation and interaction with the game is quite simple. This is also a good connection point with many generations of players, and has created a great reputation for this game.

An equally interesting difference of võ lâm truyền kỳ 1 mobile apk (also from the original version) is the mode of exchanging items between online players in the game. When hunting monsters, or defeating bosses and going through challenges, we collect a lot of equipment, items, and materials. These items are sometimes needed, sometimes not needed, while other players are craving for them. The game allows us to sell and trade with other online friends to maximize our strength, skills and points. Mutual benefit and mutual progress.

The system of sects is quite complicated but very interesting

As I mentioned at the beginning you will join the martial arts and enter your journey by joining one of the ten great sects. Then by the way, tell you a little bit about the sect system in the game võ lâm truyền kỳ 1 mobile apk. The ten great sects of the era were divided into five groups: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

  • Kim consists of Shaolin (very good counterattack and resistance) and Thien Vuong (high damage, good melee, stamina and strong health).
  • Wood includes Tang Mon (very good from a distance) and Five Poisons (using poisons and charms to damage enemies).
  • Thuy includes: Nga Mi (light martial arts, very good team support) and Thuy Yen (killer skills, high speed attack and terrible damage).
  • Fire includes Cai Bang (power and skill stats are very very high but low health) and Thien Nhan (use spells to make critical hits, high damage).
  • Tho includes Wudang (very fast attack speed, extremely good attack) and Kunlun (best resistance to effects of all sects, low health).

Depending on your personal interests and personal experience, you should choose a suitable sect to join the army. Ever since I was a child, when I was watching swordplay movies, I fell in love with the Wudang sect, so I always chose whichever faction I played every time.

Game modes in VLTK1 Mobile

There are three game modes in VLTK1 Mobile:

First I want to talk about PvP (Player vs Player) and PK (Player Killing). This is also the feature of this swordplay game to create excitement through fiery arenas between individual players or between factions. But you should note that PvP is extremely recommended, but PK must be careful. If you are always stalking and spying on others, you will have to pay a very heavy price one day. 

And in the PvE (Player vs Environment) copy mode, playing with AI, VLKT1 Mobile also brings a lot of excitement with the boss or monster challenge. Of course, these enemies are divided into levels from the beginning so you can choose the right period of your opponent. From there, many precious materials are obtained, which is a very good premise for future PvP battles. 

Graphics and sound

It is known that in this comeback after 16 years, VLTK1 Mobile has gone through the process of completely upgrading the graphics, bringing a new look to this classic game, from characters, monsters, enemies. , the context and every movement of each detail in it have been reworked more meticulously and meticulously than before, especially the feeling of seamless smoothness that the previous version has not really been able to do.

If you have experienced this game, you can immediately see the difference in the graphics through the character’s moves. The effect of the move has become very monumental, surreal, and more powerful than before.

And speaking of graphics, sound is indispensable. To create a sense of familiarity and help players relive the vital moments on VLTK in the past, VLTK1 Mobile retains almost all the background music of the original version. But there’s the point of adding special sound effects to battles and unique combos. The sound experience is therefore much more vivid and ear-splitting.

Download Martial Arts Game 1 Mobile APK for Android

A thrilling world of martial arts awaits. What are you waiting for without letting yourself get lost in it? After all, 16 years have passed, reliving my childhood once is even more meaningful than I thought. Download Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile APK right here, everyone.

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