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MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v22.01

Download now the MOD VIP version of Zing MP3 to be able to listen and download unlimited high-quality music, completely free on your phone.

Introducing Zing MP3

Zing MP3 is one of the best and most popular music players for mobile devices widely used in Vietnam. Among hundreds of music applications today, Zing Mp3 still has a place and is trusted by everyone to choose to use.

Zing MP3 APK b
NameZing mp3
Package Namecom.zing.mp3
PublisherZalo Group
CategoryMusic & Sound
RequestAndroid 5.0

For a long time, Zing MP3 has become the most popular digital music service in Vietnam. Basically, Zing MP3 is like other popular music players. The application allows you to listen to copyrighted music online with good quality. Using Zing MP3 is very simple. You just need to download the mobile app or visit the website. Next, enjoy music by selecting songs, music videos as desired.

However, Zing MP3 only supports login with Zalo . This is a pretty big limitation because not everyone has the need to use Zalo. This will cause a bit of an inconvenience when you want to manage your personal music or have the need to create an account on the application.

The development of Zing MP3

In the early years of the internet boom, a few names like NhacCuaTui, or nhacso were huge online music sites and mp3 downloaders in Vietnam. At that time, these 3 websites always had fierce competition. And the development of each page is almost the same. But over time, Zing MP3 grew stronger, with the potential and cooperation of famous singers. Now, there is no doubt that Zing MP3 is ranked as the number one music player application in Vietnam.

User-friendly interface, easy to use

The interface of Zing MP3 is carefully polished. Over the years, the layout has been rearranged for better convenience and aesthetics. Objectively speaking, the application is really beautiful and very easy to use.

The highlight of Zing MP3 is the color scheme, with a white background, black font and purple outlines. This design is quite easy to see, does not cause eye strain when you continuously use it for a period of time.

In addition to its own identity, the application also contributes to the user’s perception. All the necessary information and functions in a music application are laid out very clearly and intuitively. Soon, you will be delighted with this harmonious color scheme, with a flat and modern layout.

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Huge music store, constantly updated every second

This is an important criterion for a music application. Because no matter how good it is, the content is incomplete, it is still not appreciated. It can be said that all the good songs, newly released, as well as the hits are updated quickly. More than that, Zing MP3 also statistics the most downloaded songs, people’s music trends to suggest you.

You can find almost all songs of all different topics. From young music, revolutionary music, lyrical music to children’s music. But, not only at the Vietnamese music market, there are also English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean songs. They are also statistics by trend and number of views for your reference.

Every day, every hour there are online music charts to help you update music trends. With Zing MP3, you can explore a wide variety of music genres to suit your mood, through system-generated albums.

 ‘s music store is also very rich and regularly updated! You can change your experience when encroaching on this music and podcast player.


Lyrics are an important factor in contributing to a good experience. Many people want to sing along with the song they are listening to, but the application does not support it, it is inconvenient. But Zing MP3 is not like that. It supports very well when most songs have accompanying lyrics, aligned to display exactly what the user is listening to. Some other songs that are not really popular or covered, will also have lyrics in static form.

Sound quality

Currently, Zing MP3 is supporting two audio levels, 128Kbps and 320Kbps. For regular users, the default is 128Kbps. As for the paid VIP users, will experience at 320Kbps. Listening to music online is like that, but with the download problem, VIP users are also supported to download Lossless music.

Besides listening, you can share your songs and productions on the app platform. Although sharing and connecting, this also has some shortcomings. That is sometimes you will encounter some poor quality tracks.

Zing MP3 APK version

Features MOD

  • VIP (Just to be pretty)
  • No Ads
  • Watch videos in Full HD quality

Download Zing MP3 VIP APK ( Unlocked) for Android

If you are a music lover, Zing MP3 is definitely an indispensable application on your phone. Along with great utilities is an intuitive, beautiful, minimalistic interface.

After all, Zing MP3 is the perfect choice to serve the needs of audio entertainment. You can also use it to replace other pirated music apps.

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