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The race is entering a super intense phase. After many fierce chases, now you are being led by your opponent. In this case, any other rider would panic, but that person is definitely not you. On the contrary, you calmly launch the missile that has been reserved for this moment, stunning the opponent. Then you perform a skillful drift at the last turn, heat up the engine to full speed and accelerate to reach the finish line in the blink of an eye.

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ZingSpeed ​​​​Mobile: The number 1 racing game in Vietnam

It’s just one of the many heart-pounding moments you’ll face in ZingSpeed ​​Mobile’s fierce races. These races usually only last a few minutes, but are extremely thrilling with a series of bloody action scenes that constantly urge players.

NameZingSpeed ​​Mobile
Package Namecom.vng.speedvn
PublisherC?NG TY C? PH?N VNG
RequestAndroid 4.4

The number 1 racing game in Vietnam

The controls are very simple, you just need to use your left thumb to steer, right to drift and activate special features. After that, the game will introduce more advanced techniques to help you improve, for example, when you make an accurate drift, you will be rewarded with 2 times mini boost (slight acceleration), or combinations of boost types.

There are two main game modes for you to choose from. In Speed ​​mode, racing skill is the deciding factor; In Props mode, you can use funny items to fight other players. Whatever mode you choose, don’t neglect to take your foot off the gas pedal! Winning or losing often depends on just one drift.

50 fiery races

In ZingSpeed ​​​​Mobile , you can try your silk steering wheel on more than 50 beautifully designed race tracks. As you speed past giant pyramids, hair-raising castles and epic coastal cliffs, countless surprises will gradually unfold. A little hint: you can ride up the pyramid and then skyrocket over the top to be rewarded with a magical acceleration.

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Download ZingSpeed ​​Mobile APK game for Android right now!

If you want to relax between races, you can experience many other activities such as upgrading your car, changing your character with all kinds of luxurious outfits, to interacting with other players in fun activities. in the Recreation Area. In this area, people can participate in small-scale games,zingspeed mobile give gifts to each other or see who wears the best clothes. The game will be regularly updated to add new features and activities, so you’ll want to keep tweaking the track!

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